{Check this out}

Some of you may have the creating keepsakes magazine. But if you don’t I read a tip in there that I thought was totally awesome:) So here goes are you ready????
First you take tissue paper and fold it up several times. (white works best)
Second you use your “whale of a punch” circle punch and cut them into circles (that is why you fold them because you can cut alot of them at one time)
Third you then use some spray ink from tattered angels or something else and spray the circles.
Let them completely dry.
Fourth take the flowers and a button sew the button on in the middle of the flowers and walla! some cute cheep fast easy flowers.
*For a little bit different look take the flowers and use double sided tape and stick them to your page, then take out your sewing machine and do circles around the flower to give it more of a finished look

Sorry I tried to look up the link and so you could go there to see the tip itself but they didn’t offer it on the Internet.
If you try this then let me know how it turns out! comment with the link to it and
i would love to see what you have came up with:)
Happy Wednesday!!!