Operation Write Home

Operation Write Home
You are probably wondering what this is about. Well, there are many Troops out there fighting for our Country. Men and Women; Uncles, Aunts, Moms and Dads, Brothers and Sisters, Grandpa and Grandmas, or even just friends or neighbors, whomever it is they have families and friends that they have left home. They miss birthdays, anniversaries, when people pass away, weddings, babies being born etc. At the Memory Works Retreat I had the opportunity to meet a sweet gal by the name of Betty (Sorry Betty I don’t have your last name) from Idaho. She introduced this to all of the ladies at the retreat and her goal was to make 200 cards. Well needless to say the ladies at the retreat all pulled together and made over 600 cards to send to our Troops. Now I have to say I am glad that I could participate in this awesome act of service. Below is the table of most but not ALL of the cards that were made.
Here is a close up of the cards
Here are three of the cards I made….
Ok I know that this picture is sideways… I for the life of me could not get it to stand the right way, so tilt your screen if you will and see what fun cards this Fancy Pants card kit makes. (I didn’t get to making all of the cards in the kit) so fun.

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