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Today I thought that I would share a book that is dear to my heart.  I have this best friend, her name is Midge (Mindi) and we have been friends for a very very long time (like 29 years no exaggeration). We have this tradition that on our birthdays we do something fun. This past year for her birthday I surprised her and we went to Colorado and stayed at the Stanley Hotel.  What is the Stanley Hotel you say? Well….. it is a hotel that is haunted. You know where Stephen King stayed and got his #1 best seller book “The Shinning” ideas from? Also you may have seen the movie Dumb and Dumber? You know the Scene where Jim Carrey is in the hotel at the bar waiting for his date? Yup that was filmed there. Something even more amazing is the most haunted room there is room 217, This is the room Stephen King Stayed in and Jim Carrey, however Jim Carrey couldn’t even stay in the room the whole night, he asked to change rooms. And guess where we stayed???? Yup room 217! Auhhhhhh…. right??? So fun. Anywho I made this amazing album to remember all of the fun times me and my Bestie have had. We have so many trips that I need to bust a move and get them in here as well. For my Birthday she took me to Las Vegas! So fun… That trip will be added in this book soon.
This is a journal book from Fancy Pants.
Are you ready to check it out????

This is the front of the Book, who can tell what my favorite embellishment is? 
Hahahaha… yup if you guessed doilies and straight pins you are correct! I love them, and I use them a lot.
Here is another view of the book…
Ok one more pic…..
This is one of the pockets on the inside that holds memorabilia.  Also inside there is plenty of space to journal about “whatever” and it has a few photo slots as well. This is a perfect book for a vacation, a journal of you, or anything for a special occasion… 
Awhile back I went to a retreat and a sweet crafter had made one of these books for her wedding book, isn’t that smart???? You could have the guests sign and you also could put cards, and important wedding info in the folders along with some pics of the wedding party….
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