{Ok… I’ll Give it a try Copic Markers}

So….. I am on a design team that many of my fellow design sisters color.  I am a Coloring Virgin, sure I can color in a coloring book and it can look cute, but hold up DON’T ask me to color on a card, an image or any type of crafts project!  Well….. Not anymore! After coming home from CHA my friend Midge and I had the best personal shoppers ever when it comes to buying Copic Markers.  A big Thank You to The Scrapbooking Queen (Theresa), The Squeaky Scrapper (Sherri), and Victoria Scraps (Vicky) for believing in me and for giving me the 411 of the Copic 101 (hee hee).
So you are wondering why if I bought some Copics while I was at CHA why haven’t i busted them out before now??? Well…… I am scared ok!!! You know the kind of scared like when your at a haunted house and the crazy man is chasing you with a chain saw???? yup, that kind of scared!!! What if i mess it up? What if I can’t do it, i’ll be sad…. excuse after excuse (BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!) So tonight I put on my big girl Panties and decided to dig deep and go for the gold.
I printed the freebie from Pixie Dust Studios check out her shop she has AMAZING DIGI STAMPS!

I must say…… I wasn’t so bad! I made a complete mess up of the one on the right, so I changed some things up and did the one on the left a little different.
Is it perfect??? NO way… BUT I tried and it isn’t to bad (i hope, if your a Copic expert it might be to you LOL) so…Yes I will do it again, and yes I will keep working at it! It is super fun and very relaxing.

Let me know what you think… Give me some pointers etc. (pics aren’t the best whoops!)

Ok here she is finished…..