{Winner…. of the Celebrate Freedom Blog Hop giveaway}

I have to apologize for getting this done so late in the ball game… CHA snuck up on me and I have been in Chicago, but now I am back lets get this party started!!!

And the winner is……..  Ellen Jarvis she said and I quote “OK, my favorite fireworks would be NONE, since my dear doggie Sadie is petrified of the sound. Funny, as a child, I remember being taken to fabulous fireworks displays and hiding underneath a burpie cloth (cloth diaper of my brother’s). OK, if I do have to choose one — God knows what they’re called — but I like the wide asters in the sky that burst and rain down and then the little (bottle?) rockets that they shoot up in the middle of them that squiggle and make funny twirling sounds. Most of all, I love a HUGE FINALE with lots of BANG-BANG-POP-POW with the sound of the Philly Pops playing behind the fireworks in crescendo.”  
Ellen Jarvis from Card Monkeys Paper Jungle  come on down you are the winner of the Celebrate Freedom Blog Hop blog candy from Madge’s Scrappin Lounge.  YA!!!