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Hey Hey….Scrappin’ Madge here and Today is a special day!! Monday Monday who loves Monday???? Ok usually not me but*** this Monday is good one. Why??? Well because Silly, I get to be the Featured Designer today for Pins To Creations…..

Let’s not waste any more time, lets get right down to business.  I found this pin awhile ago and wanted to try it.  Super fun and why not right in time for Thanksgiving. We all are looking for something to add height to our Thanksgiving Table Right? Well here is the project for you….

Here is the Link of the Pin:
Here is the Picture of the Pin:
Well…. I did mine a little bit different. Instead of using sundae cups, I used a candlestick to create the same type of affect. Also I used a plate with dividers, and a little more detail.
 Tell me what you think…
My take Creation of the Pin:

Below is the under part of the plate and the candlestick. Love the different texture the paint picked up in the plate. Added just the right amount of decoration.

Below is the top of the Plate. Love the different dividers. Heck if I don’t use if for decor on my Thanksgiving table i will use it to sort my jewelry! hee hee

It was super fun having you here with me I hope that you stop by my blog and check out the other fun things I have in store for you here.