{You are Amazing…. Ethan 3rd Brithday Blog Hop}

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanks for coming and helping us share our love for sweet Ethan.
Happy Birthday sweet Ethan!!! What a courageous little boy you are.  Your mamma is super proud of you and loves you so much!!! Your Mom, let me be a part of this amazing group of ladies who are celebrating your birthday with you!!!  If you came here from Birthday hopper Shelly then you are in the right spot. If not you need to start at the beginning here.

We would like to celebrate Ethan’s 3rd Birthday and show him that there are people who he doesn’t know personally, but think he is a true gift from God.

Ethan’s Story: Ethan is a courageous little boy who came into this world with obstacles to overcome and he has proven he has a strong will and determination that is an inspiration to his family and friends.

We were asked by Etha’s mom, Melissa to share a story from a past birthday that was special in our lives, so today along with our cards we made for Ethan, we will be sharing a special part of our lives too and I ask that you take the time to read through those special memories along with wishing Ethan a very Happy 3rd Birthday.

******* I remember it like it was yesterday….. I was 17 years old turning the magical number 18, graduated from high school. And in {love} !! I didn’t think that the world could possibly get any better than this. Right?? Right! LOL so I thought…..
Jake {the love of my life} had taken me to Park City for the day, that evening I was blind folded and taken down the canyon {yes…. all the way down Parleys canyon, how I didn’t puke I will never know} we were on our way to dinner.  Soon we arrived at the Peppercorn, I was un-blindfolded and we went to dinner. But WAIT… there is more to the story!!! LOL
After dinner we drove to Temple Square and walked around.  Soon Jake began checking his watch like every 5 minutes.  I then found us standing on the corner and he was stalling……. finally he realized we were on the wrong corner.  He grabbed my hand and we went running {I had NO idea where we were going} LOL finally out of breath and almost to the corner I see a Horse and Carriage waiting for ….. yup EEEK you guessed it US!! We then took the horse and carriage around Temple Square and up  to Memory Grove, where the Carriage stopped and we got out.  We walked around the park and sat down to {SNUGGLE} when he gets down on one knee and yup! POPS the ???? of mmmmmhmmm…. Will you Marry Me?
Of corse I said yes, and we are living happily ever after (17 years later and counting…..)
That was this Girls most memorable Birthday!!

Ok now on to my card…..
*** Ethan, I think you’re amazing***
You sweet boy, you are a blessing to God, thank you 
for letting me share your special day with you.
I hope you have a happy happy day!
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