{Wedding sign in guest book}

Hi friends, I designed a wedding sign in book for a lady named Lucy.  She called me and asked if I would be interested in doing a Guest Book for her daughters wedding.  She gave me several ideas of what she was wanting.  We met and she provided me with the paper and some of the embellishments. I then quickly got to working on this amazing book.  **However, I have to warn you now this post contains a lot of pictures!** This books is made with a chipboard base, Lucy was going to take this and have it bound when I completed the book.  Lets get started shall we??

This is the cover of the book.  I first covered the chipboard with this pattern paper, then stamped several different stamps all over the book, I then took the stamp and embossed all over the front cover.  I cut a hole in the cover so the front page (where they put their wedding picture) would be seen through the front.  I used 3 Girl Jam ribbon around the frame of the cover.

This is the inside of the cover and the first page of the book. Since this is a sign in book there are a lot of tags and different places for people to sign on.  The Large cream 5×7 square is where they happy couple will put their picture.

Next are the second and third pages of this book. Lucy provided the announcement of their marriage.  I used 3 Girl Jam crinkle ribbon throughout this whole book.  I also made mini pages throughout the book to go in between the pages for more photos.

This is the fourth and fifth pages of the book. I really liked how the two of these pages came together. The colors are just beautiful!

Here are the sixth and seventh pages of this book.  Yes it keeps getting bigger and bigger:) 

Now here are the eighth and ninth pages this is their wedding invite. 

Now on to the tenth and eleventh pages…

These last two pages are just for guests to sign if we run out of tags….

This is the back cover of this guest sign in book…. I didn’t stamp the back cover however I did emboss around the edges.  

I hope that you all enjoyed this super fun guest sign in book as much as I did.  
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Happy Holidays friends…
Loves, Madge