Ugly Sweater Party 2014

Hello friends… I would like to share with you a different type of post today! Over the weekend we had two Christmas Parties. One on Friday night and one on Saturday night.  The one on Friday was super fun! Jake’s Family Christmas Party!! Yes we ate and yes the man in the BIG RED SUIT came too!!! However what makes our family parties unique is that each year we do something charitable.  This year we decided to do a Coat Drive for “The Road Home” All of the families were asked to bring some old coats/blankets that they had laying around that could help out people in need.  I am super excited because this teaches our children that we can help others by doing the little things. All we had to do is clean out a closet or two, and we are helping many babies, kids and adults in need.  What a great party! We also played Dodgeball! Ok….. I have to say so, so, so, much fun!!

Ok now what is this other Christmas Party that I speak of??? Well are you in for a treat!!! My Sister and her Husband started this fun Christmas Tradition 6 years ago! All of you I a sure have heard of the Ugly Sweater Parties right??? Well, that is just what this is!!! Everyone has to wear an Ugly Sweater and they have to bring a white elephant and a pot luck to eat!!! We have a blast at this party!!! I wanted to share this quick video of our fun! If you have yet to attend or host an Ugly Sweater Party I strongly suggest that you go to one or host one! This is a Blast!!!! I hope that you enjoy this fun video! Merry Christmas friends!

Here are a couple of pictures from the party!!!