DIY Minion Graduate Mason Jar

Hello friends!!! Are you looking for a fun and unique gift to give the grad in your life? Well, I sure have the exact gift for you! This is a SIMPLE yet fun gift, plus no need to wrap it, just put the money inside (or whatever your decide to give).
Minion Graduate Mason Instagram square
I created this fun Mason Jar for a contest that Laura Kelly is holding.  I went to SNAP conference 2015 and Laura was one of the amazing speakers.  On the tables she had these amazing jars from  filled with glue and fun felt flowers.  On the Mason Jar it had this tag.

snapcontestMy wheels have been spinning on what I could do with this cute jar and then it hit me! A Minion Graduate.  So needless to say I am entering this cute little guy into this contest. You have until the 22nd of May to link up.  If you want to enter this fun contest click HERE

I think I want to make a Minion Family! I love how this little guy turned out! I am going to be recording a DIY tutorial on how to make your very own Minion Mason Jar. So stay tuned for that.
DIY Minion Graduate Mason Jar

Below is a list of supplies you are going to need to make this cute little guy

*Mason Jar with lid

*Yellow Chalk Paint

*Sponge Paint Brush

*Black Napkin

*Silver Scotch Tape

*Black Alphabet Scotch Tape

*Black Cardstock

*Black & White Twine

*Small Charm

*Small Letter Stickers


*Large Google Eye

*Large Lid to a Gatorade or Orange Juice Bottle

*Hot Glue Gun

*Black Sharpie

*Mod Podge

*Small Burlap Bow Tie

*Black Large Brad

yellow mason jar chalkboard paint

I took the Mason Jar and painted several yellow coats of paint onto the mason jar.  Be sure to leave time between each time you paint.

I then used the black napkin and Mod Podge on the bottom of the jar.  I took my Silver Scotch Tape that I got at SNAP and wrapped around the top of the black napkin giving it a nice finished look.  I took a Burlap Bow Tie from American Crafts and used my Hot Glue Gun to adhere.
Minion Graduate Mason Jar 1

Take your large google eye and hot glue into the lid. Set aside and allow to dry.  Using the Silver Tape again wrap around the jar to look like the elastic for the goggles.  Use the Hot Glue Gun once more and adhere the lid/eye to the jar.

Cut a 4×4 piece of black cardstock, take the black and white twine make a tassel. Use a Black brad and poke a hole in the center of the cardstock wrap the twine around the brad. Trim the twine to liking.  Take a small charm and add the year with small stickers. Tie it onto the tassel.
Minion Graduate Mason top view

Take the black and white alphabet Scotch Tape and wrap around the lid of the jar. Use an Action Wobble to adhere the hat to the top of the lid. This is what allows the hat to tilt on its side. I then took the Sharpie and drew the mouth on.
Minion Graduate Mason Instagram square

My little brother is graduating this year! I can’t even believe that my baby brother is a Senior! Crazy right!! I am super excited to fill this Graduate Minion with money.

I hope that you loved this fun project as much as I do. Stay tuned for a video tutorial on the How to make this fun little guy and more!!!!

Loves- Scrappin’ Madge