Why do you Craft?

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“Why do you Craft?” That is a question that I seem to get all of the time.  My gut instinct is to say “Why Not?” but then it gets me wondering.  WHY DO I CRAFT? Is it because of the Design Teams I am a part of? Is it because I want to be the next “Famous Crafter” and have my own reality TV show?  Is it because I can make money doing it? Although all of these questions are amazing and I love the Design Teams that I am a part of, and why YES, YES I do want to be the “next famous crafter” and I dream about my own reality TV show, and of course I want to make money supporting my awesome journey.  That is NOT why I craft.

I asked this on my Facebook Page and had a pretty good response.  I have asked if I can share some of their answers and they kindly said yes.

Shar: “ I just love it… I love everything about it.. It’s relaxing, challenging, and it makes me happy along with people that receive it. And the big secret of it all is to have an amazing stock of paper, ink and stamps ….. Love it”

Rhonda Emery: “ a big stress relieve and so much funhttp://www.scraphappenswithrhonda.blogspot.com/

Eileen Fields- “It’s my gift from God and it’s very relaxing! I also Love seeing the reaction of ppl when they receive a card from me! I also enjoy winning crafting contests at my local Michigan State Fair!” www.craftykards.blogspot.com

Marji Reineke Franklin: “For relaxationFstampaholic.blogspot.com

Why I love to craft…….

I craft because I love it! I love Love LOVE it! I truly can’t say that enough. Sure I get frustrated sometimes when I have a crazy awesome idea in my head and I completely have a craft fail! Or when I burn off my fingerprints while using my hot glue gun (I mean who needs fingerprints anyway?) Oh this is a big one, how about when you loose the tiniest piece of cardstock that you cut out with your cutting machine and it is the inside of the eyeball of your monster? It is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! All of these things can are are frustrating but I wouldn’t change them in for the world.

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When I go out to my Scrappin’ Lounge it makes my heart immediately smile! It gives me a little pep in my step, I know that when I go out to my Crafty space that it is all about me and what I am doing.  I turn on a little 80’s music (you know what I am talking about who doesn’t love the Bangles or Tiffany? How about Cindi Lauper?) I take out one or two of three things……A big glass of Diet Coke and a Pink Rock star, OR a big Mug of Coffee and a Diet Coke. (I have Diet Coke cups all over my studio…. LOL) Then the magic happens.  I get lost in the world of craft.

Sure, I have enough crafting supplies to supply a full group of 30 ladies on a 5 day Scrapbooking Retreat (BYOG of course Bring your own Glue) Come on over and I will hook you up, I can share! It makes me happy to create with my friends! To teach people how to do what I do, to learn what others do and to create something from the heart each and every time.

I love to share my passion for this awesome hobby.  I have meat so so many fun-loving crafting friends through this great journey! While at CHA, SNAP, Retreats, Create and Craft, Design Teams and last but not least on social media.  I have met amazing talented people who have become my great friends.

I am creating memories that last a lifetime.  How great is it to know that my sister-in-law will remember her Bridal Lemonade Shower because I was able to use my talent and do what I love to do and create a super fun Lemonade Stand and Party Decor.  Or my nieces Birthday Cupcake Wars Party where we again used the Lemonade Stand and transformed it into a Cupcake stand.  Making my daughters Masquerade mask for Prom, helping with decorations at my daughters 6th grade dance? Creating numerous Scrapbooks for my family so we can always remember!

This my friends is why I do what I Do!

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I would love to hear your story or a quick blurb on Why you Craft in the comments below!

Loves- Madge