Moving…. It is a love hate relationship

Moving banner


Let’s talk about moving today shall we?  First things first. Let’s talk about the hype of putting your house up for sale! The excitement, the adrenaline, the rush of EEK!!!! We are really doing this.  You take a look at your home and you think to yourself, “I need to do a few things, but not to many to show the house to potential buyers”.

Step one… You go to Home Depot or any Hardware store and proceed to buy the “FOR SALE SIGN”  strolling to the check out like you are on top of the world and you have everything under control.  When you actually reach the check out desk the lady says “Going to sell your house, hu?” Your smile is as big as the Cheshire cat off of Alice in Wonderland and you kindly reply “Yup, and we are stoked!”  She then says “Good Luck” as you are leaving.  I am pretty sure you will be skipping on the way out, waving and saying “thanks so much.”

Step two….  Driving home like a bat out of hell, to get that sign in your yard. Fast, but not to fast if you know what I mean.  Pressing the garage door opener and barley waiting for the door to lift all of the way before you pull in and you stop the car so fast that it  locks your seatbelt.  Speed walking to the lawn with the sign in tow, waiting for your kids to get out of the car and get their phones ready to take a picture! ** Document each moment!! They are finally in place and you find the perfect spot to put the sign. Using the big black marker you also bought at the hardware store you write the following information on the sign. Phone number and By appointment only! BINGO!!! The sign is now ready to go in the yard. 1. 2. 3… BAM it is in! Doing the Toyota jump you are once again on top of the world.

Step three….  Sharing your fun moment of putting your house up for sale on all of your social media sites! Of course you want to jump start the selling process. So you thought…..

Step four… Deciding to go to the Zoo or somewhere fun with the family about 20 minutes after your sign goes in the yard and posting to your social media sites. When you get a Ding, Ding, Ding. Instant messages asking about the house and when they can come and see it! You think to yourself  “Um, excuse me.  I just put the sign in the yard. What is happening?”

Step five…  Pure and Utter PANIC starts to set in! All of these things start racing into your mind. My closets are not cleaned out, and what about the laundry? CRAP… the kitchen is a mess how am I going to be able to show my house? Ding…. another message “can we come tomorrow?” Starting to get dizzy now and your breathing may start to speed up, your chest will hurt and you will want to crawl under a rock and cry! You continue thinking to yourself, this isn’t happening!

Step six… Calling in the Troops! Friends and Family will save your bacon! Put them to work.  It may be hard to accept the help but DO IT! The potential buyers are coming and you need the help! At 6;45 you are putting the finishing touches on the bedrooms and the potential home buyers are coming at 7:00 pm.  You make it though and your house looks amazeballs!

Step seven…. Showing the house! The Cheshire Cat smile returns and your heart rate will go back to normal as you share your wonderful home with complete strangers. Day after day of the smile and the showing of the home.

Step eight… Finally letting your hair down just a bit and deciding to make dinner instead of eating out again.  The kitchen is a mess your nieces and nephews are also there for dinner, when the doorbell rings and it is a potential buyer wondering if they would see the home! Remember the PANIC 911 distress look you had back in step five? You experience that all over again but what do you do? Show the house as is or ask them to come back? Well silly, you decide to show it as is! Give them the grand tour!

Step nine… Remember the peeps that just stopped by while you were having dinner? Yes, they are the ones that you thought for sure they would think your home was a complete and udder mess.  They not only offer you your asking price BUT they want the house and Badda Bing Badda Bang.

You think it is going to be as easy as dropping the mic and walking away. But NOPE! More emotions, happy, sad, mad start flowing through your body.  But hey, you calm yourself down by thinking “we have time”..

Step ten… Paper work Paper work Paper work! That is the easy stuff it’s the next thing I am going to tell you that will make you shutter! Packing day has come! Mixed emotions. You will keep thinking to yourself this is MY HOUSE I don’t want to leave! This is where I raised my kids, this is where all of our memories are. This is MY HOUSE! What did I do? I don’t want to move! You are going to want to lay on the floor and have a tantrum like a 3-year-old little kid!  Yes, kicking and yes screaming and of course crying!

Then something happens, the hard part is over. Your home is empty, and the moving trucks leave with your stuff. You then realize the memories come with you. It is time to start a new chapter, make a new home and build more dreams and make more memories! You calm down and breath.  Pulling into the driveway of your new home and a whole new Panic will start to set in! UNPACKING!!!!


And that my friends is the love hate relationship I had with moving.  I hope that you enjoyed my experience of moving.  Just remember great things can and will happen just know you are not the only one who has experienced all of these crazy emotions! Good Luck moving and starting your new journey!