{Who put me in a straight jacket?}

I can’t even believe it. It was the one and the only original Scrapbook USA this weekend and guess what? I didn’t even go:( This is the second time that I have missed it in all of my days scrapbooking. At least the first time I had a good excuse. (I was out of town) but this time, oh this time I wanted to go bad. (Like when you have to pee bad) But I didn’t go. I had to use some restraint. I went down to my scrapbook room and had the crazy thought that I should organize this baby so when it is done I can just move it all right in right? Wrong. I went down there and man where do I start? The paper? The embellishments? The stickers or the chip board? How about the brads and tags? I felt like Jim Cary on Ace Ventura when he walked into the trophy room (animal heads everywhere) PANIC!! So much to do but not nearly enough time. So to answer the question of Who put the straight jacket on me? Well, I did. I have so much stuff that I thought well, I will get this room done and then pay double the price for whatever stuff I don’t have that I just have to have. HEE!! So here goes, pics of my mess of a room will be coming so this post will be