{Adobe Photoshop boot camp}

This weekend I attended a Photoshop Elements boot camp class. It was Friday night for 3 hours and Saturday from 8-5. Wow talk about getting a cramp in the neck and butt. I haven’t sat in the same spot like that for a long time. (Other than the traditional scrapbooking) I have to admit when signing up for this class I thought that it would be teaching me how to edit and alter my photos. But when I got there I was in for a whole lot more:) First we learned how to organize out photos, then came all of the fun stuff you can do to digital scrapbook:-) I had no idea that this program could do so many fun things. We got books from “The Digital Scrapbook Teacher” which has so many ideas and fun ways to use this program. I definitely recommend this class to others. Our teacher Cindy Wyckoffis the owner and editor of Scrapbook Dimensions magazine. She gave us some fun websites to look up and download some free bees (digital kits, etc) so if any of you are wondering what these cool sites are I will list them below.

Here are a few samples of scrapbook pages that I did (remember i am no pro, still in the learning stage) .

2 page L/O Templates
Quick Templates

Starting from scratch

I must say that I was quite proud of myself for my first several attempts. I know they aren’t publishing worthy but now I know the tricks of the trade I may just dab my fingers into a little digital scrapping:)
Here are some of the web addresses: