{The 411 about the Mbox retreat}

This retreat was such a blast! We (Midge and I) left Wednesday
morning to meet our other two friends Amy and Malinda at a
gas station. We got on the road at about 10:30 a.m. We made a
few pit stops along the way. When we made it to the Mbox store
and we said to one another before we went in “No, paper” neither
one of us needed any more paper. But what do you think
happened right when we walked in the store? Yup, paper
was calling my name. Everywhere I look there was paper.
I felt like Jim Carrey in the show “Ace Ventura when nature calls”
you know the scene when he goes into the hunters trophy room
and he can’t even stand it because it is so over whelming. Yes that
is how I felt. Picking up paper and several embellishments, some
alpha stickers. Ok let’s just say a little bit of this and a little
bit of that. But I must say that the find of the day was
Sassafrass Lass line of paper and stickers with yup you
guessed it mushrooms (I absolutely love mushrooms, no
I’m not a drug addict. You know the cute kind with faces and
hearts on them?). It was love at first sight. Getting in line
I was a little nervous on how much I was going to spend.
They gave us a 15% off our whole purchase but even with
that I was not feeling like I did good on the old pocket book.
But to my amazement I only spend $20.00 and I had two filled
up punch cards for $5.00 off each so I only had to spend
$10.00 Nice I was in the clear.
Moving on we left the store and went to eat at

Daniels summit lodge. It was yummy, Fettuccine Alfredo
with chicken and pine nuts, mmmm, mmmm. After our tummies
were full we were finally on our way to the retreat:) We made
it there at a little after 3:00 and check in wasn’t until 5:00 so
this is what we did to pass our time.

In Altamont, they have this fun little pond in front of the lodge,
so why not take a ride in a nice big row boat? So here goes.
Front: Amy

Middle: Malinda

Back: Me and Midge

I was glad to know that if the boat were to go over at least

one of us was prepared… Me!

Who needs to go to Italy? When you can have it all in Altamont?

I thought that it would be funny if I started rocking the boat, just
a little to see what every ones faces would do. (prankster in the house:)
It was about 4:30 by now and we thought it was close enough
so we unloaded and went into the lodge. Yes, only 4:30 on
Wednesday and we didn’t have to go home until 3:00 on
Saturday, sweet times! I was sooooo, excited to see everyone
and to get ready to scrap:)

Thursday was great, open scrap time. I was off to a good start. Friends
that didn’t want to come up for the extra day started arriving. Night
two we stayed up until 5:00 a.m. we not only scrapbooked but we
rode mats down the stairs laying down and sitting up, this was done
at 3:30 am when our cheeks hurt from laughing we thought we
should move our little party outside so we didn’t wake up anyone,
and we went to the boat, yes the boat. But this time there were 5 of us.
Yes we exceeded the weight limit and yes we exceeded the number of
people in the boat. We laughed and laughed. Good Times Good Times.
We finally went to bed and woke up at 8:30 a.m. we were ready
for classes.Our friend Malinda made a group of us some fun shirts.
They were our “Scrapper Down shirts” (one time a gal was trying
to make it in the front door of one of the other retreats and
dropped a big box of brads and eyelets, they went everywhere.
So one of my friends Cindy yelled Scrapper Down.
So it is just a fun little saying now).
Look how cute these pics are…

Scrapper Down -Me

The Scrapper down group:) From front to back
Lisa, Amy, Malinda, Angie, Midge, Teresa, Me, Cindi, Stephaine

I know nice photo, this was after a long day of scrapping,
give me a break hu? Today is now Friday and we started classes.
The vendor this year that came up was Quickcuts. He came up
to show off the Silhouette cutter. (Awesome) I do realize that
I have both the small and large cricut but this thing was great.
I called my hubby after I did the demonstration and asked him
if I could buy it and sell my small cricut. It was such a good
deal he said………………. Yes, yipee! I was excited:) I got the machine,
three pads of their sticker cardstock paper a $200.00 gift card
to shop in their online store for drum roll please
*************** $249.00 Wow, I got over $600.00 worth
of product for less than half the cost. pretty sweet pretty sweet.

Classes were great. They offered 10 classes and out of those 10 we
were able to choose 5. It was hard to choose but after the class
you have the option to buy the other 5 classes if there are packets
available. Before we knew it, it was time for Grey’s Anatomy!
So I poured myself another Diet Coke and took a little break.
What do you think about the two female doctors?
weird if you ask me but true life hu? Anyways back to scrappin.
We stayed up until 6:00a.m. and thought we needed to snooze
for at least 3 hours. I woke up at 9:30 feeling refreshed:)
It was crunch time, contest starts at 11:00 (but really they started at 12:00)
the categories where: Best overall Layout, Jounaling, Holiday Layout,
Water color Layout, and Mini album.
I submitted one in best overall, and watercolor and mini album.
*They called my number for Water color Layout.
Here is the Layout and here is what I won.

This paper is made by Elsie Flannigan. The back ground
paper was black and white and I took the watercolors and
colored in the things that I thought needed a little color.
Love love love this technique. Thanks Lindsey for
teaching a class on how to use watercolor in your scrapbooking.

I won 5 fun papers buy Lux paper design and three

stamps by imaginice and some fun watercolor pencils.

When it was all said and done we had to say goodbye
to our scrap family and come home. Here are some fun
pics of the ladies that inspire me.

Sweet Stephanie is what we call her!

My dear friend Laurie, she is such a sweetheart.

Of course I had to have a pic of me and midge
Me, Amy and Midge
Terry and Corrine and of course me.

I love these ladies. They are awesome. They always tease and say we may look old but we can stay up with the best of them. Which they can, I have seen it with my own eyes. (giggle)
And last but not lest our funny Cindi. Boy oh boy is she a kick in the pants:)
Finally here are all of the layouts that I did. I finished close to 20 pages (including the classes) and I made 4 cards. I am going to put them in a slide show because there are so many:) Thanks for visiting my blog and reading all about my adventure.