{Pray for Jaquell}

I made this cute altered album for my sweet cousin Jaquell who is 14 years old and weighs 54 lbs. She has a brain tumor right behind her pituitary gland (in her brain). This brave little girl went into surgery yesterday at 12:00 pm and came out at 6:45pm (long surgery if you ask me) they said the whole time during this process that her vitals were good and the tumor was the size of a golf ball, it was stubborn but they were having to pull it out piece by piece. Finally at 6:45 we received the call that they had finished the surgery and they are confident that they got it all. They are going to do radiation to make sure that it is gone. Bless her sweet heart she is so strong and brave. I made this book for her so the people at the hospital could sign it and let her know how much they love her. I have to say this by far has been the most humbling book that I have ever done. I put alot of love into it and I hope she loves it as much as I do.