{Mini Printer finally has a home}

Finally after a year and a half my mini printer has finally found it’s home. She has been sad and lonely just sitting down in the scrap room with dust bunnies on top of her and not being played with. When finally she found her home. I blew off the dust bunnies and pulled off the protective wrappings. Then searching high and low, could not find the software to download so after a few phone calls and a trip to Best Buy she is up and running. I did several test runs and it took me a couple tries to get it just right. This little sweetheart makes my life so easy. She prints black and white, Sepia, Antique, regular Color, Wallets, 4 x 6, 5 x 7 and more:) I have to say a big Sorry to her for not using her sooner. But it is my promise to use her more than she would ever know. Thanks to my sweet hubby for getting this for me and for being patient while I have been spending tonz of money trying to get my pics just right at Wallies or Costco, but hey not any more if I can help it. My little mini is in good hands.