{Girls Weekend Layouts}

These are the Layouts that I got from my fun owl crop group from the month of January so I printed pics for them.

Designed by Malinda (February) I missed crop night because I was in St. George so Malinda gave me hers early:)

Designed by Stephanie

Designed by Malinda (January)

Designed By Amy

These next few are original work from ??? who knows it? Me ha ha. I do however have two more layouts that your eyes will see soon:)

This trip was such fun not only did we scrap, we laughed, ate, laughed some more, slept, went to the movie “New in Town”, went and got a Pedicure for Alena’s and Mandy’s Birthdays and of course we went to Sonic and got Diet Coke. Who could crop without the nectar of the Gods? Sure as heck not me!!! Ha Ha