Let the good times roll…

Ok, Here we are the OPP!!!! Wow how much fun do I have with these girls? They are simply the best! So much talent in this group of ladies. We have an amazing time laughing so hard that Yes, I have had a little pee cause I have laughed so hard!! Plus I walk away with awesome kits that help get me ahead. This month it was Lisa and Steph’s Birthdays So the theme here was Luau, fun with tiki torches and lays. Malinda always goes all out so it isnt a surprise that we all have flowers in our hair and the lays around our neck you should have scene the inside of the house. So much fun. Sorry I didn’t get to stay the whole time this time but i will catch ya later!!

So…. Here we are again. This time it is Jamies birthday and the theme is Construction:) let the good times roll. Here we had to have a “construction nick name” mine is BUBBA and midges is BIG AL, mimis is VICK and Malindas is BIFF, Steph’s is VINNY, Jamie is JUAN, Missy is LEROY, and Lisa is RICK.

Go Big AL!! I laughed my head off when I walked in the door and Midge had this outfit on!! haha fake mustache, saftey glasses, fake cig, a pack of card rolled up in her sleave of her shirt and tall socks with gymshoes!!! You go girl, I am sure you could find a great construction job anywhere!!