Scrapbook Studio is Now….

Well….. here is the scoop! For several months my scrapbook room had this nasty smell. We didn’t know what is was we just knew it was gross! My husband insisted that I had a dead MOUSE, somewhere he just knew it! I on the other hand didn’t think it was a mouse, the smell wasn’t localized. Sometimes it was by the door sometimes it was by the bathroom, sometimes it was in the center of the room. I kept telling him it had to be something else. One day he got this Wild Hair, and decided to tear everything out of my scrapbook room! WHAT!!! a woman’s worst nightmare right! You can all imagine the scream that I let out at that point. LOL. This was serious…. you can’t just pack up a scrap room in 2-3 hours its a 2-3 day process right? YUP that’s what I would have thought also! No way, my sweet hubby and brother in law had that room packed and taken out to the garage in 2-3 hours. That must have made Scrappers World Record book for sure! I know what you are all thinking, what did it look like when done and how did they pack it? Well… they did a great job, labeling everything, stacking into bins ever so nice and neatly!   Needless to say.. the smell was a pea trap that wasn’t properly taken care of, so every time the wind blew the smell from the pea trap would come into my room! EWE!! GAG!! Right ;D. It made things even better that I proved my hubby wrong about a mouse, and the plus side of things.. Now everything is out of my room, he told me we are remodeling my room. New floor, new cabinets, new counter tops, new paint…. THE WORKS! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! To make a long story short something AMAZING came out of a bad situation. I get a new scrap studio! Stay tuned for the progress!!