{Aloha, Baby Boy…}

Aloha….. I am super excited to show you a fun project that I made for a friend of mine who is having a baby boy.  My sister called me and said “hey are you planning on going to Ashley’s baby shower tonight (this was yesterday)?” I thought to myself CRAP!!!! I forgot. My reply was “Yes, wouldn’t miss it, what time does it start again?” Driving like a mad lady to Old Navy, I purchased 4 different Polo short Onsies.  Each one a different stripe and color.  I stopped by the local Gas Station and got a drink cup holder.  Came home and created from there.

This is what I came up with.

This is a picture before I added the twine and the die cuts
Just goes to show what the smallest embellishments do to a project.
Here are the supplies that I used 
Please Note: The twine, Die Cuts and Drink Holder are NOT in the photo.
How to: Well the “How to”  is simple really.
Take the Onsie and straw and roll it as tight as you can and place inside the mason jar.  Take your Cropidile and punch out several circles out of the mason jar lid (these will not be pretty but you are covering the holes up with the burlap) Place the lid with holes over the straw, add burlap square and twist on lid.  Next take embellishments and hot glue to the straws. Take the Twine (Mine is from The Scrapbooking  Queen and you can purchase that here.  Place 4 Mason Jars in the drink holder and there is a cute baby shower gift.  
I love how the jars, the twine, the burlap and the die cuts bring together the Fishy theme.  The burlap looks like fishing net and the fishes on the straws super cute:) 
P.S. Ashley loved the gift, she only opened one of them because she said they were to cute to open. She also is going to take it to her next baby shower as a table decoration. Yay! 
I hope you loved this project as much as I did. If so leave me some bloggy love and comment!
{love love}