Hi friends!  As I was sitting here pondering about things, I was wondering if any of you ever feel overwhelmed or feel like you have way to much on your plate?  If so do you ever ask the question WHY? Why do I take so much on? Why do I feel like I have to be the Superhero Wonder Woman? Well if I don’t do it so and so may not ask me again?? I have had that feeling several times in my life and often wonder Why? Why do I do it to myself? HAHAHAHAHA…. I think we as “CRAFTERS” have such huge hearts that it is sometimes hard to say “No… I can’t today” or “Well, I have to much on my plate right now, but thank you so much for thinking of me”. It is difficult to feel like you are going to let friends and close loved ones down.  However, what I have found is that if I am honest and do say “I would love to BUT….. I have so much happening right now that it isn’t a great time but please keep me in mind again.” I feel as if I am not letting them down because they know in my heart I would love to do it but physically and mentally I just can’t right now.
I am sure if you are still reading this right now you are wondering if I feel this way right now… and the answer to your question is NO.  I am finally getting to the point that I feel like I have gained all control back and know that a schedule (a very large calendar in my scrap studio) is the way to go about things.  I have a HUGE calendar and each month I write my DT responsibilities on it and color code them so I know what is happening that month.  Each DT responsibility has a special color and when I have completed that task or project I cross it off.  This not only helps me so I am not loosing my mind (LOL it is always gone hee hee) this also helps me know if I have any extra time to spare to devote to another DT or different responsibility.  I also have 12×12 clear bins that has a label on the front and the label states: example Jinger Adams DT, Angela Holt DT, Heartstring Designs DT, 3 Girl Jam DT, Washi Tape DT, Craftwork Cards DT, TSQ Digi Team etc…..  That way I can quickly go to the box and have everything at my fingertips to create what I need for that specific DT.  Believe me when I say I am NOT and organized person but in my Scrap Studio I am and in my Heartstring Designs Business I am I guess it is just the way things need to be for me.
If you are still reading this GIANT post thank you, I hope that by me stating that sometimes we get to the point where we feel overloaded, try to get a calendar and jot down what you have that month and see where it is you need to cut back so you can gain more control.  This has helped me keep my family at the top of my list and has helped me be a better mom.  This has also helped me become a better crafter and designer.
I would love to hear any suggestions or comments in the bloggie comment section! I love each and every comment they mean so much to me!