{A little birdie told me…..}

A little birdie told me card

by Mandee Gillen AKA Scrappin Madge
First I would like to Thank Angela Holt Designs it has been a honor to be on Angelas DT and I would also like to Thank PK Glitz for being our sponsor this month! It has been great working with their product.
I have recently found a love for creating cards.  I feel that the traditional way of receiving a handmade card through the mail is starting to become a thing of the past.  Due to all of the fun and different ways of social media, email, e-cards etc.  However I challenged myself to send out every card that I have made from here on out.  I would love it if you would take the challenge with me. That being said here is my card.

When I came across this card from DCWV I knew that I wanted to use this card as my base.  It has so many different colors and fun elements to work with.  I just love how it turned out.

  • Find your pre-made pattern card or create your card using pattern paper
  • Cut a phrase or small saying for your card
  • Find a punch that you are wanting to use
  • Place the Wonder Film into the punch and punch out your image
  • Take the image (bird) and peel away the Wonder Film backing, place on card.  Peel off top layer of Wonder Film
  • Using PK Glitz Glitter (I used orange sherbet), and spoon sprinkle glitter onto the Wonder Film Image (bird) Shake off excess, and use the brush to brush off any excess
  • Take the second piece (wing) of the image and take off backing to Wonder Film, lay wing on top of bird peel off the top layer of Wonder Film 
  • Repeat the glitter process (I used Mint Green)
  • Taking the last image (branch) peel away the top layer of the Wonder Film and place the branch onto the card, remove the top layer of Wonder Film
  • Repeat the glitter process once more (I used color Lemonade)
  • Use a small circle punch and punch 5 small circles in the Wonder Film set aside
  • Cut two small strips of Wonder Film 1″ x 4″ set aside
  • Cut two pieces of lace ribbon one large width lace ribbon cut 4″ long.  Place the Wonder Film on the right side of the card and smooth the lace ribbon down the card.  Repeat this process laying the Wonder Film on top of the lace and place the other piece of lace down.
  • Cut 5 small flowers out of some flower ribbon (I used different colors to match my card) 
  • Using the 5 small circles that you punched out of the Wonder Film, place the Wonder Film on the card and arrange the flowers to your style.
  • Cut a very thin strip of Wonder Film to match the size of your phrase and apply to card, place the phrase on top of the Wonder Film
  • Add two straight pins
You could use this card for a birthday, sympathy, get well or a Thank You