{WOW Wednesday}

It’s another WoW Wednesday over at Heartstring Designs!!! All of the craft doctors have worked very hard designing projects for inspiration!! And oh buddy all I have to say is you are going to be inspired!! Be sure to check out the Heartstring Designs Blog {HERE} to see all of the projects and links to all of the fabulous craft doctors blogs!!! You also can check out Heartstring Designs on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube!!!!

Ok, so for this weeks WoW project I decided to take an idea Toxic Midge had in one of the earlier posts for Hearstring Designs she created a Birthday book.  To help her keep track of the birthdays and important dates.  I to needed something like this.  So, yup Scraplifted the idea!! Thanks Midge for some fab inspiration!!!
 *Quick story* I have a Great Aunt that for as long as I can remember sends a pack of gum in a birthday card to not only me BUT to EVERY person in the family extended and all!!! She has done this for years and years. The tradition still doesn’t stop even now that I have kids, now they get gum too!! Oh yes and don’t forget the Hubby….. yup, Gum!!! She is not called by her Name which is Aunt Norrine LOL she is called the Gum Aunt!!!*** I just have to say just the little things make people smile, I would love to try and be more like my gum aunt and bring a smile each year to my loved ones birthdays!!!

Now… Off to the BOOK!!!!

Here are the insides of the pages…

and the last couple months…
This book came together so fast!!! The only things that I used that were not included in this kit are the ribbon that is tied around the rings, the rings and the 12 Badge holders!! 
This project to make would be super fun for a family activity, girls camp, GNO but the best thing about it is it can fit in your purse and you can carry it with you always! 
I hope that you enjoyed my birthday book today!!! Thanks so much for stopping by the lounge today!! Keep Smilin’ and keep craftin’