Vintage Baby Boy Shower…

Yesterday, I went to my cousins baby shower.  I was in Auhhhh… at the decor of this shower.  My Aunt and cousins worked so hard to make this shower be just perfect.  I wanted to take pictures and show you all how fun this was!!! So much work but it paid off!!!
First when you walked to the door there was a Antique baby cradle made of wicker with some babies breath wrapped in muslin inside, with a cute burlap and fabric banner hanging around the front of it! Here is the picture of the baby cradle! *** Sorry I only had my iphone and the pics may not be the best quality however you will see the look and the fun style of things.

Then on the stair banister there was another banner made with muslin and burlap and jute hanging!

As people entered there were postcards on Kraft paper with baby blue clothes pins to hang them up on a blue chair made into a fun board to hang the postcards on.  The pens had washi tape on the tops of them and a old tweed suitcase with childrens books held the pens and the extra postcards.

The food table and the backdrop is FABULOUS!!! The backdrop is made with muslin backing and burlap squares making a fun pattern.  The table has cute rossettes on a stick telling what food is what.  The banner is made of baby onsies (sprayed with tea dye and placed in oven to get the vintage look) an old childrens book, the baby boy letters cut from the cricut, burlap and jute with buttons.  A fun old peddle car (my mom has had this for years and it added just the right touch of color to the table) a old antique shopping cart to hold the plates and the napkins.

The treat table with fun rossettes for labeling and the cute decor to make the cake pops stand!

The drink and cups stand.  The old fashioned rootbeer and cream soda on old coke a cola crates the backdrop again using burlap, muslin, and fabric hanging, the cups made out of mason jars, wrapped jute with a button and tag hanging, the straws have little mustaches on them.

The Take one boxes inside a fun tweed suitcase are filled with chocolates that say its a boy!

A fun old laundry basket on wheels held the presents using another banner with rossettes spelling the little guys name. And a super fun diaper motorcycle that my sister made for a gift.

This is the cute vintage shower!!! I would love to know what your thoughts are, and if you have any party ideas or fun decorations I would love for you to share!!!