{Craft Room Make-over Part 1}

Hi friends! I just wanted to share with you the remodel of my “Scrappin Lounge” (haha it feels like it is always a work in progress doesn’t it).  Now by the raise of hands who wants to do this…

** Pull your hair out**
When you have to do the big “Clean out” of your craft room??? Well, I am not going to lie that is how I feel right now!! I am so excited to get this new shelving unit in and organized but the work of pulling out all of my stuff and re-organizing is pushing me over the edge! LOL I wanted to share with you a couple before pictures!
**This is the black cube unit that I had before* 
(I started taking stuff out of them before I took the picture)
Now don’t get me wrong they worked great for the time they were there but I found a whole new system that is going to be the BOMB DOT COM when it is all said and done.
* This the new storage system that replaced the old unit*
It is amazing how it brightened up the room
(not all of the shelves are in the second one in)
**All of this was in the black cube unit*
Oh my does this classify me as a Hoarder?

*More crafty goodness that was in the black unit**

 * Oh yes everything on this desk was in the unit too**
*EEK!! Yes, all of the yummy goodness was in the black unit too **

**I had to even resort to putting things on the other side too***

*All of this beautiful crafting stuff that is on the counter also fit into the black unit*
So, what do you all think?? Holy Moly Craftamole’ right??? Well, I am super excited to get things put away and enjoy EVERYTHING about my Scrappin Lounge!! Stay tuned for part 2 of the Craft Room Make-over Scrappin Madge style! Until next time friends…. Loves, Loves-Madge
P.S. I will not be getting to this until Monday friends I will be spending time with a dear friend and her family this weekend.