{Life Book 2014 Lesson 1}

Hi friends. I am so excited to share with you my Inner Guardian Angel that I created for this weeks class of Life Book 2014! As you saw earlier in the week I posted the warm up lesson and I am now posting week 1 lesson.  We had to do a fun meditation and find our inner Guardian Angel.  As I was going through the steps in this meditation I saw her as clear as day! She had her arms out wide and she was ready to embrace me! I could feel the love she has for me and that she wanted me to BELIEVE in myself! As I continued the meditation, we needed to find our word for the year! My word as you all know is BELIEVE!! I know that this is my word because I could hear the angel whispering this in my ear! Believe in yourself… Believe you can… Believe in others… Believe that you are good enough…. Just BELIEVE!!! It was very inspiring doing this meditation exercise . After watching the fun teacher Tamara Laporte I was a little intimidated I must say! I have never drew anything unless it was stick figures LOL so this was totally out of my comfort zone! But….. I dug deep and found the inner artist in me and drew my angel! This is how she turned out!! I hope that you all like her as much I do!

This is my angel to a tee! She had Pink hair and Bold Green Eyes! I feel like my inner guardian has many similarities to my Grandma Kae whom has passed away but was always encouraging me to be the best ME I could be! The Green Eyes and the smile (just like my grandma) were very distinct in my meditation along with the color Pink and Yellow! So Color of the year again folks is PINK!! with splashes of Yellow! Those colors make me happy!

Stay tuned for week 2 of the Life Book Journey with Scrappin Madge!