{Valentines Day Box}

Hi friends…. Happy Valentines Day! I hope that you all have a happy love day! Who has kids that came home and said that they needed to make a Valentines Day Box for school?  Well, my daughter came home on Wednesday after school and said she had to take hers with her on Thursday! Remember the day she told me was Wednesday so we had one night crafters ONE night! So we put our thinking caps on and went to work!!!.

We found these slippers at Smith’s Market place for 60% off of $10.00 so we bought a pair of those we loved the cute furry monster and knew we could cut them up and make something awesome!.

So we cut them up, and covered a medium sized hat box that we had here at the house! (It was already painted orange so we scored on this one).  We took the lid of the box and covered it will the new furry monster! We hot glued the fur onto the box.  
Next we cut a hole in the top of the box and used Washi tape to cover the jagged edges. 
Next we took some sucker sticks and glues pom poms on the end and cut out two small hearts out of felt. We punched holes in the boxes and stuck the sticks into the holes, filling with hot glue to hold them in place.
Next we took some more pink felt and cut a larger heart out and glued it to his belly, we took hot glue and glued the box onto a wood circle and covered it in silver glitter.  We took a tiny Popsicle stick and made a sign that says feed me! We also took some silver stickles and put glitter on his eyes and the hearts of his antennas! 
Here is the finished box! She was super excited to take it! There are prizes to be won for the cutest, the scariest, the prettiest, the biggest and the smallest! I hope that she wins a prize she has the touch of craftiness!