A Shout out to Rebecca Daniels…….

Hello and welcome friends!!! I am super excited because as many of you know I am a 
I am always looking to expand my business here at Linnie Blooms and today I would like to welcome and honor my newest member to my Linnie Bloom Family!!! 
Please Welcome Rebecca Daniels to the Lounge!!! I am so excited and thrilled to have her on my team and to build her Linnie Bloom Business! I know that she is going to do some amazing things with this product and her business! 
This is Rebecca
I have asked Rebecca to tell us a little bit about herself and this is what she said.
“I consider myself a serial crafter, Growing up, I taught myself just about any art medium I could get my hands on.  I still pick up several new art hobbies a year, but tend to focus on paper crafting for mail and mixed media art, photography, jewelry, oil painting, and knitting/crochet.  During the late 80’s and early 90’s, I taught at several art studios and crafting stores.  I’m married to a wonderful man and have three adult children.  Animals have always and still play a huge part of my life.  They are my other children! I have a few hairy children (3 cats and two dogs).  One of my all time favorite activities is spending time with my two little dogs, Oliver and Layla.  They are what I call my perPETual children, because they are like having two lively three year olds around all of the time.  I will probably be one of those elderly women with to many pets.  Until then, you’ll find me covered in hair, paint, and having fun making beautiful things!”
You will for sure want to check out her amazing blog {HERE} also as she mentioned she taught at several art and crafting stores so you know she has some amazing inspiration over on her blog!!!
Be sure to check out what all of the buzz is about over at Linnie Blooms {HERE} If you have any questions please email me madge@thescrappinlounge.com