CTMH Convention 2014……

Hello Friends…..  I just have to say that WOW what a Creative Adventure!!! I just came back from the Close To My Heart 2014 Convention here in Sunny California.  I don’t know exactly what I expected but it was definitely not this!

As many of you know I became a member of CTMH the end of April (2014)  I did just start to be a hobbyist.  I just wanted the kit for myself! LOL *** Can you say CRAFT HOARDER???***  Then I received my kit and I thought to myself, “Mandee- how can you not share this wonderful opportunity with your friends.  Look at all of the product that came in your kit! How mad would you be if your friends found this awesome deal and didn’t share it with you?? ” So guess what? I shared it! And I had a friend want the same thing as me! Then another and another! I continued to share and share and share until the end of the month! By the end of April (5 days) I became a team leader with 13 people on my team! Two of which are Supervisors.  This puts me an Executive Manager! I was blown away at the response that I had by just sharing my love for my kit!!!!  I then saw right then and there my true potential that CTMH has to offer! I wanted in.  Not as just a hobbyist but to make this a business!

I know that many of you have followed me through my crafting journey!  You have seen me have my up’s with opening my store front in Kamas, Utah and with great sadness I had to close my store due to the economy. I then continued my dream and wanted to make a difference with monthly scrapbooking kits!!! Although the interest was there and the customers (all of you great people) the shipping and the retail side of things weren’t working in my favor!  So of course what do I do?? Do I give up on my dream of making a fabulous hobby turn into a business for me die right then and there??? NO, I knew that customers wanted great products, that I knew I could give them.  So my embellishment 3 month trial began! For three months I had a great group of crafters purchasing embellishment kits! We are now in the second three month embellishment group and it continues to grow.  However, something was still missing….

It wasn’t until I had friends that trusted me enough to check out what CTMH had to offer.  They believed in me enough to check out what all of the excitement was about.  When my team started to grow, that is when I knew that this THIS right here CTMH was what was missing.

Now many of you know that my sweet husband is amazballs and supports and loves me always!!!  He knew how much I wanted to come to convention, but really didn’t “want” me to go.  But, as always that hunka hunka gave in and I was given the trip for Mother’s Day! I was super excited.  

The time had come for me to fly out to the Convention!!! I was coming alone, I was rooming with three ladies whom I had never met, and heaven knows that I didn’t even know what I was in for!  I have to say WOW!!! Was I nervous? Ummmmmm can you say Yup!!!
However the past couple of days will be ones that I always will remember.

 The three ladies who were my roomies have become wonderful friends!!! We laughed and laughed! I went to many different classes and trainings.  I participated in the Consultant Creative Showcase.  (pics will come soon).

I even found two sticky boys!!!! 

I met and chatted, at lunch with and laughed with many other wonderful people whom I am now proud to call friends.

I met and chatted, at lunch with and laughed with many other wonderful people whom I am now proud to call friends.

But what is most memorable for me is what I like to call the lightbulb moment! Do any of you have these types of moments??? Well, I had one today!! (Saturday)  I was sitting in the extravaganza class and my bulb turned on and boy it was BRIGHT!!!  I looked around the room at all of the AMAZING projects and thought……. I can do this!  I love CTMH!! I love ALL of their products!  I can do this!!!  This is what I have been waiting for! I walked out of the room and called my husband and told him….. Ok so I am ready to do this!!! And he said Good! I know you can do it!!!

So now I want to share my excitement with all of you.

The products that the new idea book has to offer are simply amazing.  I can not wait to get my hands on the new product, and I know that you will too!

I don’t want to push or pull I just want to share my love for crafting using the CTMH products.  I would love to share my ideas and my creativity with all of you! I am ready to take CTMH to a whole notha level! LOL

Now let me say this, if reading about my story made you happy and you think that you may want to join me in my creative journey, please email or message me- madge@thescrappinlounge.com  If reading my story made you feel like you would like to try some of the CTMH products then be sure to click {HERE} to see the catalog, OR if you would like me to send you a catalog be sure to email me your addy!!!
Thank you for reading my convention experience and creative journey! Stay tuned for awesome pictures and fun slideshows coming soon!!

Until next time friends….