Happy Birthday to my BFF!!

I would just like to wish this sweet friend of mine for over 30 years a very very Happy Happy Birthday!!! For those of you who don’t know Midge, (it is very rare that you know me with out knowing Midge too…. You see Midge and Madge) she is my BFF!! She is one of those friends all of you wish you could have.  For one thing we have been friends for so long that we joke and say there is no way we could’t be, because we know way to much about each other!!! Midge- is the most loyal, kind and caring person there is! On the outside she is pure hard ass…. But the inside she is genuine, unique and one of a kind! She makes me laugh hard every single day. Now I am not talking hee hee I am talking pee in my pants HEE HEE HA HA!!! sort of stuff! She sends me and a couple other friends E-Cards everyday! Just to bring a smile to our faces!!! She would do anything for me or anyone she cares about! She is always willing to go the extra mile for you if you will let her.  She is my rock when I am a mess!! She makes me stronger and makes me believe in myself more and more each and every day.  Sometimes we find ourselves talking on the phone for hours and hours, about what??? ummm…. Nothing!! We love to go and get coffee and or a good Dirty Diet coke!! Oh yes did I tell you we are Rappers? Yup turn on a little Salt and Peppa and Shoop Shoop Here we come!!!  Our friendship is one of a kind.  I love her guts and want her to know that!!! Happy Birthday my sweet friend!!! I hope that you have a great day!!!!! 
Now if you are all feeling all ewe-E and goo-E inside good! That describes our friendship to a tee! Happy Birthday old buddy old pal!!!