UPDATED: Create and Craft TV Giveaway!!!!

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UPDATED!!! *****  Crafters the bad news is we did not hit our goal of 5,000 subscribers The GOOD news is that Create and Craft decided to give us one more week to reach our goal!!! Do you think that we can hit our GOAL??? I do! Share this post with your friends come back here and comment shared and tell us who you tagged for an extra chance at winning the $50.00 goodie bag!!! The contest has extended until Tuesday October 28th!!! Good Luck and remember to Share Share Share!!!!!!***

Many of you already know, but just in case I would like to announce my exciting news!!! I am proud to announce that I am one of the Elite Designers whom was chosen to be a part of the 
Create and Craft TV U.S. Design Team!! Whoop Whoop!!! 
Who is ready for a Giveaway???? Create and Craft TV has given each designer a gift bag of goodies that are valued up to $50.00 in product, from Dies to paper and more!!! To win is easy! Click on the link. Subscribe with your email, come back here and comment on my blog! If we hit 5,000 by Sunday Night  October 19th the bags will be given away!  Can we do it? YES!!!! Where was I again?? Oh YES!!! After you sign up with your email and confirm be sure to come back here and comment on my blog to be entered to WIN!!!!! You can enter on each and every designers blogs for a chance to win as long as you have subscribed with your email.  (you can enter on each designers blogs but only subscribe one time to the link) Who is ready for some fun???? 
HERE is the LINK!!!!
Subscribe at the bottom of the page!!!
Good Luck!!!! Remember to enter- click on link, sign up with email, comment on my blog!!!
Stay tuned for more info about the Design Team and Create and Craft TV  USA

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