Where do you think the scrapbooking industry is headed?

Have you ever wondered about where the scrapbooking/crafting industry is headed?  I ponder this question frequently.  I watch the industry change each year.  I don’t mean coming out with new product but I mean the industry itself.  I live in a small town in Utah.  Yes, I said Utah Home of many major Companies in this great industry.  That being said I think that I may need to list them all for you so you have a better understanding of where I am coming from.
*American Crafts
*Heidi Swapp
*We R Memory Keepers
*Pink Paislee
*Studio Calico
*Crate Paper
*Simple Stories
*My Minds Eye
*Echo Park
*Basic Grey
*Pebbles Inc
*Becky Higgins
*Teresa Collins
*Provo Craft
*Die Cuts With A View

I am sure that there are more but I can’t seem to think of them off the top of my head.  Do you get a clear picture about the companies here in Utah?  That being said, here are a couple of things that I have noticed.
*The Original Scrapbook Expo USA- when it first started years ago it was HUGE!! Every store in Utah had a booth selling the latest and greatest products.
*CHA was having two big shows a year one in the winter and one in the summer
*Scrapbook and Crafting stores were popping up on every corner
*Classes were being taught at every store each weekend and some week nights
*Roberts Arts and Crafts Stores were HUGE!!!
*Stores were opening up in Malls (Archiver’s)
*The small business owner made a difference in small little towns owning a scrapbook and or crafting store.
*CKU (Creating Keepsake University) was HUGE!!!!!

Over the years these things have changed.  How so you are wondering. Here is my observation.
*The Original Scrapbook Expo USA- now is only once per year (now in the fall) hardly any stores or new small companies are vendors.  Many of the above listed companies now have booths and have basically a HUGE Warehouse Clearance Sale out with the old in with the new kind of a thing.  You want a great deal this is the place to come!!! Major Blow out items.  Classes are still held and fill up quickly.  There is still open cropping and the fabulous VIP’s. This is still a HUGE venue but instead of it being the little guy getting a start it is now the vendors. (Don’t get me wrong I love this Expo and I go every year to stock up LOL). I am just stating the change that I see.
* Scrapbooking and Crafting stores are closing monthly here in Utah.  I feel that is due to the companies having their Warehouse Sales. Why pay $5.00 for an item when you can go to the Warehouse sale and pay $1.00? I feel that many of the consumers have caught on to this and save for the yearly warehouse sales. (Again, don’t get me wrong I myself go to every sale and buy buy buy!).
*Since the stores are closing classes are not being taught unless you have a group of crafters meeting at a home or they are getting away to a retreat or crop somewhere.
*All of the Roberts Arts and Crafts stores closed
*CHA now only has a Large show in January which is the winter show. And follows up with a smaller show in the summer.
*Archiver’s closed and there is no more Mall of America show in September
*There are not very many small business owners who still have a store front, most have moved to an online type of store.

It saddens me that the Scrapbook stores are closing in my area.  I do love being so close to so many of the manufactures and love love going to the warehouse sales.

I also love that New Product continues to come out with all of the Amazing companies and that there are so many crafters out there that keep this wonderful hobby alive!!! So many great things are happening.
However I feel let’s not dwell on the changes let’s also look forward to what is coming!!! One thing that I know that is coming and coming soon is Create and Craft TV it is coming to the USA and I personally am thrilled.  Provo Craft has made a HUGE comeback with the release of the Cricut Explore!! Silhouette coming out with a new machine is awesome too! Sizzix and Spellbinders always upping their game along with Webster Pages launching their new planners!! Crazy amazing things still continue to happen.
I love this wonderful hobby/career and always wonder where it is going to take me!! All I can do is climb on the magic carpet and go for a ride!!! Thank you for reading this post!! I would love to hear your thoughts about this post! Please remember: I am a cheerleader for the big guys and the little guys in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM is it my intention to bash on this wonderful industry I am just simply stating my opinion in what is happening in this crazy, fun industry!