My Crazy Adventures at CHA 2015 Part 1

CHA…. what to say about this awesome Craft Show? It is the biggest Craft show in the world in my eyes! This was my 5th time attending CHA, and each year I find so many different and fun and innovative things at the show.  What are the latest and greatest? What companies were on my top list of fab this year? Let me walk you through them.

I had the opportunity to meet Tim Holtz again this year.

His booth is always fabulous. Filled with so many fun vintage finds. Dress forms, old suitcases, telephones, bottles, old toys and so much more.  You could honestly spend hours in his booth just looking at all of the antique finds! American Pickers would have a hay-day in this booth! (snicker, snicker)

The buzz at this booth was his new collection. Pistachio. Check it out! I already have mine on pre-order.

When attending CHA, there are so many different opportunities to meet so many amazing people! I was able to meet the super talented and writer of The Big Ass Book of ___ ! Yup, you guessed it Mark Montano! I already had The Big Ass Book Of Crafts, so I decided that I would love to have “The Big Ass Book of Home Decor”. Mark, even signed it for me! Whoop Whoop!

I started to see such a fun trend while at CHA, if you have not yet noticed Gold is the new black! LOL I say this because gold is everywhere!!! In Every booth, and on everything!
EEK… I am so excited! I really do love Gold! It makes me happy, oh yes…. especially paired with pink!

In my opinion, the amazingly wonderful lady that brought gold back was the crazy talented and superstar Teresa Collins! I have been watching the trends over the years and she, my friends is always one step ahead! Speaking of Teresa Collins, did you know that I was able to watch her and the fabulous Jinger Adams on Create and Craft US Live while at the show? Check it out!!

This pic was just minutes before they went live! Teresa Collins was live with her punches, cutter, scissors and more! Did you know that you can find all of Teresa’s fabulous gold items at Joanne?

To conclude part one of my adventures at CHA 2015 I would like to share the Say Cheese II Collection by Simple Stories!! Oh my stars if you loved Say Cheese the original than you will eat up Say Cheese II!!! Yes, there is gold in this collection and it is FABULOUS!!! Check it out and see for yourself!!

I just love that Simple Stories continues to stay true to their style and vision.  Their latest campaign was “I am….” they had buttons and papers that you could write on at their booth.  Check out’s video  showcasing the  “I am….” line.

Come back tomorrow for part II of my crazy adventures at CHA.