Top Ten Crafters January 2015…..

I am excited to bring a fun new blog post each and every month.  I will be featuring my top 10 crafters for the month! I am super stoked to be bringing this to The Scrappin Lounge each and every month.  What does it mean to be a “Top 10 Crafter 2015” I will send you a small badge (If you would like one) that you can put on the side of your blog and I will send fabulous crafters to your blog to show off everything I love about your awesome blogs.  I am excited to be making this a monthly post. I bring to you January’s Top Ten crafters…. (Big round of applause) XXXXXXXXX

  1. Bev Code– I have to say that Bev is awesome! She always has different fun and unique projects on her blog. I enjoy going to her blog each and every time. She never disappoints. Be sure to check out Bev here-
  2. Laura Kelly Walters– Oh my stars where do I begin….. Laura is one of a kind and has so many different talents. I love coming to her blog and checking out everything that she has to offer. She always has something fun going on! Be sure to check out Laura Kelly Walters-
  3. A Little Craft In Your Day– Courtney and Tanner have it going on!!! This crazy duo is always coming up with super fun tutorials, kid crafts and more!! Check out these two fun crafters here-
  4. Tator Tots and Jello– This blog is one of a kind! I find so many fun different ideas and project creations here! If you have not been to this blog be sure to stop on by here-
  5. Rhonda Emery– Ok this lady is the QUEEN of 3-D projects!!!! Oh buddy she not only creates 3-D cards but she makes motorcycles, mailboxes, mini albums and more!!! Be sure to check out all of her awesome goodies here –
  6. Holly Gagnon– This crazy crafter is AMAZING!!! She is super creative and for sure one of my favorites! Always having fun and fresh ideas on her blog and bringing us the latest creations from some big companies. Yes, she is one of my Create and Craft US DT sistas and she is uber talented!!! Be sure to check out her fab blog here-
  7. Donna Baes- Whoop Whoop let’s here it for this crazy crafter!! She has been on several design teams with me and is truly unique! I love her style and her vision in crafting!!! If you have yet to check Donna out what are you waiting for? The time is now click here-
  8. Monica Downing– What a true artist! She is always inspiring me with her work. Her style is unique and one of a kind! Loving everything that she does, I have learned alot from Monica. Her talent for sure shines though follow her here-
  9. Rhonda Ratliff– This creative vintage diva is a sweetheart!!! She is genuine and such a talented crafter! Her tutorials are simply amazing and she loves what she does! Be sure to find Rhonda here-
  10. Jody Lynn- Ok…. Let’s talk about the mini album crafting chick!! She owns her own etsy shop, is a co-ower of Clique Kits and always continues to make time doing what she loves!!! You will always learn something new over on her blog!! Be sure to check her out here-

Honorable NEW CRAFTER!!!!! 

Jeanne Rodriguez– Now if you check out her blog you will not believe that this crafter is new to the crafting world!! She is crazy talented and inspires me with her work!! Be sure to reach out to her and follow her blog! Show her how awesome the crafting community is!!! check her out here-

I would love it if you could go give these fabulous 11 Crafters some love!!! Be sure to tell them who sent you!! Whoop Whoop!!!