DIY Sugar Skull Rain Boots

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Happy Thursday friends! Today I want to show you how I took a pair of plain pink rain boots and turned them into fabulous Sugar Skull Bling Pink Yummy Goodness Rain boots!

I have created a step-by-step tutorial for you so you too can make some fabulous rain boots of your own!

Here are the supplies that you will need in order to make these cute boots.
Supplies Needed for Sugar Skull Rainboots

I used the Sugar Skull Dazzling Diamond Self Adhesive Stickers Sheet from The Buckle Boutique, get yours here.  This awesome Bling collection is designed by Marissa Pawelko Modern Surrealist. I also had some pink rain boots, scissors, a Crop-o-dile, ribbon, tissue paper, scissors and a pen.

Step One:

Take your scissors and cut down the back of your boots on each side making it so your boots have a tounge. You know like a pair of shoes (LOL) See Below.
Sugar Skull Rainboots step 1

Step 2: Take your Crop-O-Dile and punch four holes on each side. See Below
Sugar Skull Rainboots Step 2

Step 3: Take your ribbon and cut the ends on an angle and lace it like you are lacing a shoe. See Below
Sugar Skull Rainboots Step 3

Step 4: Take the medium-sized sugar skulls on the sheet and cut two out. Peel off the backing and place onto the outside of the boots.
Sugar Skull Rainboots Step 4

Step 6: Take Tissue Paper and a pen and trace the toe of the boot, making a template. Then cut out the template and trace it onto the back of the small sugar skull bling.
Sugar Skull Rainboots Step 5

Take the backing off of the bling and apply to the toes of the shoes. And just like that you have made your very own Bling Sugar Skull Rain Boots!!! Check them out below.
Sugar Skull Rainboots Collage

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