Lights… Camera…. Action

Hello friends! I am so super excited about this post! A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to film some segments for Create & Craft TV using the My Craft Channel Studio.

Madge My Craft Channel 1

What is even more amazing is that I was able to film with my Bestie Midge “Mindi Palmer” and my sweet friend Kristy Day. Kristy even wrote a blog post about this fun day! Be sure to Check it out at Kristy’s Korner on the Hub, at Create and Craft.


As you can see here the three of us were having way to much fun on the set! I made these cute Photo Props for one of my segments (you will be seeing soon when you tune into

Many of you already know that there is never a dull moment when Midge and Madge are together! Well of course this is no exception! Kristy, she knows how the two of us are and laughed and laughed!!  But poor Brian  (Shown below) He is the amazing guy behind the camera, you know the guy I am talking about! He is the guy who says Action! YES! They really do say Action! Who would have thunk? Any how bless his heart he didn’t know what to think about the two of us! LOL  But look who joined in the fun?? We had one Crazy Amazing and Fun Filming days!


I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but if you could only see how excited I was for this opportunity! My heart was racing, my mind full of things to say….. Will I say the right thing? How will I look on camera? Does the TV really add 10lbs? If it does, I am in trouble!! Is my hair ok? Did I put on deodorant? I hope my teeth are white enough! On and on and on!!!! {If you know me, you know that I am laughing as I am typing because this is so true!

Here is a pic that Midge took after Brian said “ACTION”

Madge filming 1

The My Craft Channel Studio is AMAZING! I was in awe when I walked in! It was everything I dreamed of and more! My Craft Channel is filled with Props, and Supplies. Anything I may have needed for my set on my table if I thought of it, they had it! Seriously I have to say I love this studio!

I am super stoked to share with you one of my fun projects that I created using Create & Crafts Cardstock! Isn’t this just the cutest camera? You can see how I made it and more, be sure to watch Yes, that is a HUGE smile I have on my face and yes, I am wearing one of those tiny microphones!!!


Being a part of the Create & Craft Design Team has been such a fun journey! I am so blessed and honored being a part of such an elite group of designers. Designing for such an amazing Company!!! Check out all of the amazing designers HERE

Create & Craft is passionate about bringing you 24 hours of Crafting 7 days a week! Being on Dish Network and Direct TV along with Roku.  When they are not on these channels you can find them live 24 hours a day 7 days a week on-line. They even have an app for your tablet or phone.

Design Team Logo

Here are a couple sneak peeks of other fun projects that you will be seeing soon!

Madge Gillen Camera Mini album Madge Gillen 3-D Cake Treat Boxes Madge Gillen close up of Mixed Media Canvas hot glue gun frame tip heartfelt creations all geared up stamps Madge Gillen Velcro Beach Bow and flip flops





Head on over to today! Become a member of the Hub, that way you can check out all of the Craft Academy videos, demo’s and tutorials along with checking out Jinger Adams Blog and Kristy Days Blog “Kristy’s Korner”  So, what are you waiting for click HERE to sign up today, it is FREE and who doesn’t love FREE Classes, Tutorials and more? I know I do!!

Stay tuned for more fun! We may or may not be heading down to the My Craft Channel Studio to film again! ….(Shhhh… Don’t tell)

Midge and Madge My Craft Channel


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