DIY Teacup Pin Cushion

DIY Pin Cushion
Hello friends! A few weeks ago I posted on my Instagram a sneak peek of a project that I was working on. Today is the day that you get to see what it was that I was working on plus see the step by step tutorial on the “How To’s” of making this cute pin cushion. Now I had some help making this cute DIY project and I have to say this **Who loves Pinterest, raise your hand! Well that is exactly where I found this cute project. Click here to see the Pin . This DIY was made by Tip Junkie HERE, Click here to see the Pin . Now when I first found this project I was able to click on the pin and see Tip Junkies step by step tutorial however, now it says link broken. BUT I am going to include the link for you just in case it is something that my Technological Broken Mind is doing wrong! LOL Click HERE for the link. A big thank you to Tip Junkie for your tutorial and idea.

As I strolled the  JoAnne fabric stores trying to figure out what style and color to use to make this project that  I had in mind, it was like I was walking into a whole new world of crafting.


Many of you already know this about me but just in case you don’t **I DON’T SEW! I have never been able to thread the machine and keep it working long enough to even think about making something awesome! SO….. listening to the basket wheels squeal and click as I pushed it I felt overwhelmed, almost anxiety feeling! My heart was racing my mind was swimming with ideas of what else I could use this cute fabric for. You know the NO SEW kind! I finally came upon this cute grey and white polka dot quarter square. What in the world is a quarter square? I mean I know that is it is a smaller piece of pre-cut fabric which I only knew saved me time by throwing it into my basket. So I did just that! Threw it into the cart, which I then proceeded to the checkout stand.

I could hardly wait to get home to make this cute Tea Cup pin cushion of mine. I even had a little spring in my step when walking to the parking lot! Racing home like I am a Nascar driver, I threw my car into park and went directly into my craft room to gather supplies.

This is what you will need: Sharp Scissors, Batting of some kind (which I had and have no idea why I had it), fabric, hair band or elastic, a tea cup and saucer, and E6000. optional Lace, Enamel Dots, straight Pins.

I felt like “Edward Scissor Hands” while cutting the batting and the fabric, forming a nice ball the size to fit into the teacup! WOWZA! Oh yes and I forgot to mention my sweet Mother-in-Law is a Vintage Collector, Antique finder , American Picker kind of gal! She had this cute tea cup and saucer that she gave to me, so I could bring my creation to life! Thanks Jomamma (her real name is Jo) LOL

Ok back to the makings of this fun pin cushion. Let’s start with Step One shall we.

Pin Cushion tutorial 1

Take your batting and cut a good size piece.

Step two Pin Cushion DIY

Step 2: Take your batting ball, take elastic and wrap around the ball.

Step 3 DIY Tutorial Pin Cushion

Step 3: Take the batting ball and cover it with fabric. Using the elastic to keep it all together. Cut off any excess fabric.

Step 4: Wash the Tea Cup and Saucer allow to dry BEFORE doing step 5

Step 5 DIY Tutorial Pin Cushion

Step 5: Take your E6000 and glue around the bottom of the cup and adhere to the saucer.  You need to let this dry for at least 24 hours (you can finish your project if you are careful but it will not fully bind to the saucer unless you let it dry over night).

step 6 DIY tutorial pin cushion

Step 6: Take the Fabric ball and the E6000. Squirt the E6000 into the bottom of the tea cup and around the sides. Place the fabric ball into it, pushing it down inside of the tea cup. Add the pins and your embellishments (Lace, Enamel Dots)

DIY Pin Cushion Madge Gillen


I seriously was so ecstatic to give this to my secret sister at SNAP Conference.  This was truly such a fun project brought to life.  I would love it if you would give me some feedback on your thoughts about this project.  I know that any sewer or crafter would love to have this in his/her craft room.