Madge’s Style Tile ….Round 9

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Hello friends! It has been one week since I last posted a Style Tile, things like an awesome blog hop came up! So let’s get back on track peeps! That being said I hope that you are all enjoying the early days of summer! After many long days of rain and cloudy skies we finally saw Mr. Golden Sun today! Yes, I threw on my Sunglasses rolled down my window and drove like a cool cat for about 15 minutes, heading down to my local gas station to get me a Diet Coke! It felt nice letting the wind blow threw my Rapunzel like hair! (Ok…. if you know me I have very short hair so there is no beautiful Rapunzel hair on this head. So you can only imagine my laughing until tears as I am typing this…..) But you all know the feeling of a warm summer day right? It feels great to feel the sun on your face right?

While driving, I thought about the fun things that I need to do this summer. One of those things that I thought was FLEA MARKETS!!! It is that time people! Time for becoming my very own American Picker!!! And what better way to be an American Picker than to go to Flea Markets right?  So….. I made this weeks “Saturday Style Tile” in Honor of every amazing Flea Market out there! Friends, if you have yet to go to a Flea Market you need to do it and mark it off your bucket list! I can guarantee you will find at least ONE thing that you must have!!! (Below is a Photo of Me and Midge at a fun small flea market sell)



Check out this weeks Madge’s Style Tile

Madge's Style Tile 8I would like to give credit to the following for the photos that were used.

I hope that this weeks style tile will inspire you to head on over and find something at your local Flea Market!!!

Loves- Madge