Having Fun with Tie Dye….

Having fun with the Tulip Dye Kit

Hello friends!!! I hope that you are all enjoying your summer, I know that I am!! Today I have a fun tutorial up on my YouTube Channel featuring my daughter Autymm and my niece Gracie.  They are showing us how to have fun with the Tulip Tie Dye Kit.  i love to create is an awesome place to get all of your Tulip products.

This is their first YouTube Tutorial and I think that they did AWESOME!! It was so fun to film them and see their bloopers and their cute laughs and smiles as we recorded.

Tie Dye with Tulip Dye Kit

There were a couple of things that we learned while making this tutorial.

  1. Even though the gloves are big that come in the kit…. USE THEM! These two lovelies decided NOT to use them and loved that their hands were colored in a cool way.  But when it was time to clean up, they wanted the dye to come off, and guess what folks?? Their hands were stained!

2.  Be sure to wear old clothes or an apron when doing Tie Dye! Autymm learned that the hard way too!

  1. Every piece is going to be different no matter how hard you try to make them the same.  That is what is fun about Tie Dying yourselves.

  2. The Tulip Tie Dying kit rocks!!! It comes with EVERYTHING you need except for the item you are Tie Dying and the water.

  3. Warning: Tie Dying with a friend is FUN!!!


We strongly suggest that you put this on your Summer Bucket List of things to do!!

Below is the tutorial. Be sure to give them thumbs up, subscribe and comment. They would love to hear your thoughts!!!!