Lights… Camera… Action II

Hello, Hello Friends.  I am super stoked to talk about filming once again at My Craft Channel for Create and Craft USA.  I must say that seeing myself on the big screen makes me a little giddy.  I think that my family is sick of me recording every Cut N’ Boss episode that has been played over the last couple of weeks.  It is like waking up on Christmas morning each time I watch the segment. Check it out HERE

Let’s talk about the prep time for our clips.  Midge and I are fortunate enough to have husbands that are great friends also.  They know how much we love to craft, love to laugh and spend time together. So when we have “girls night” which usually consists of a sleepover they don’t get mad they just let us do our thing.

Midge and Madge Cut N Boss

Prepping for this show was so fun! We went around Midge’s craft room and collected all sorts of mediums to see what things this awesome machine can cut using the Sizzix Bigz Dies.  If you watched the clip you will see that we found quite a few that are simply amazing.  This takes crafting to a whole new level.  We sat and cut our sample board and laughed while doing it.  Yes, a couple of cups of coffee were included throughout the night as well.  We then had to figure out a way to make sure we were not talking over one another while we were showing this amazing machine.  We both had amazing points we wanted to point out while sharing this machine and all of the magic it creates.  So we quickly wrote them down, and figured out what to say and when to say it! This was also so fun, laughing and laughing prepping and prepping needless to say we looked up and it was light outside! We then realized it was 6:30 am and we had not went to sleep! hahahaha…. now that is a fun girls night right!!!

Madge Filming

Being in the studio with the big lights and the cameras focused on you is a little scary, each time I step behind that desk I have to breath and say Let’s do this.  As soon as he says ACTION… my heart skips a beat and BINGO…. Madge comes to life! I have learned some things along the way, and I am hoping to bring you some more fun projects and product reviews.  Filming with my bestie is so fun! The two of us feed off one another so when the producer said he would like us to film together, it made us both smile!!

I hope that you enjoyed Lights… Camera… Action II today!