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Who doesn’t love a good Nursery Rhyme?  I know I do.  What are some of your favorites?  I have a few. Ring around the Roses, Mary had a little lamb, Peter, Peter Pumpkin eater, and oh how about Humpty Dumpty? Just typing those makes me sing the song out loud.  I would like to welcome you all to the Mother Goose Blog Hop hosted by the fabulous Lisa Pontious from Honey Bearz Designs.  Lisa is not only the host of this hop but she is also the sponsor of the hop! Be sure to check her blog out HERE for all of the details!


Before we go any further I would like to make sure that you came from the very talented Haidee I am sure you were in awe with what she created for you!!! If you just stumbled upon this hop and would like to start at the beginning click {HERE}.

Now let’s get started shall we! Who knows this Nursery Rhyme?

Jack Be Nible, Jack Be Quick, Jack Jumped over the candlestick!


Have you ever played the Jumping Game?  Ok, you are now probably wondering, what is the jumping game?  Jumping over the candlestick was on old medieval game. It originated from an ancient pagan tradition of jumping over fires. A person was supposed to jump over a burning candle so that the flame was not extinguished. This was seen as a good luck forecast.

Today I thought it would be fun to alter a Candlestick.  This is a super fun shabby chic candle- stick (for looks, not to burn).  I had this silver base in my stash and when I joined in on this hop, I knew exactly what I wanted to make! Using some pretties from my stash I turned this blah everyday candlestick into a shabby chic home decor piece.

Candlestick 6

Here is a close up of the candlestick holder.  I just took some fun ribbon and wrapped the holder.  Added a beautiful piece of bling and two straight pins.  I love how it turned this blah piece of silver to a beautiful shabby chic piece.

Candlestick 2

I now have a picture of the fun candlestick itself.  I used a fun blush pink paper piece and wrapped the candlestick.  I then took some lace and tied it around the candle, attaching a fun pair of scissors, adding a couple of pieces of bling and pearls onto the candlestick. These were the finishing touches to this new home decor piece.

Candlestick 4

I hope that you liked todays project! I know you are going to be inspired when you hop on over to the ever so talented Miranda.

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