Grillin’ & Chillen’ Blog Hop

10414375_10154179213830961_1189243545039498583_n   Happy Saturday Friends! I hope that you are doing well and planning a fun and awesome BBQ over the weekend.  Here in Utah we celebrate the 24th of July as a Holiday.  Pioneer Day.  And this weekend is chuck full of BBQ’s and Grillin’ and Chillin’.  Welcome to today’s hop.  Our amazing host Lisa from Honey Bearz Designs is the first stop in this hop. If you missed the beginning and want to start at the first be sure to Click HERE.

Who loves to host a BBQ? How about leave the house and attend a BBQ? I know that I do! My husband is the cook in our family so we host BBQ’s at least three times a week.  (Lucky for me, I get to just eat the delicious food and decorate my part is easy and fun).

For today’s projects I was inspired by two glass milk jars, that I bought from Target in the dollar spot.  They were $3.00 I started the project there and continued to work around them.

I ended up with some amazing BBQ must haves! Check them out.
BBQ Blog Hop 4I took some burlap and lace ribbon and wrapped them around the milk jars, I then took the burlap and lace and made a large bow for each jar, then using some fabric glue I adhered them to the milk jars. BBQ Blog Hop 5
I then took some little dishes that I had in my stash and added little patterned bows to them just to tie them in with the decor.
BBQ Blog Hop 2A fun and easy trick to add to any themed party is using mason jars and cutting pattern paper to fit the size of the jars, roll it and place it inside the jar to add color and tie everything in together.  Wood utensils are super fun too. BBQ Blog Hop 3
Last but not least I added gold sparkle glitter tape to the small jars, these cute little guys could be used to hold condiment packets or a great place to put salt and pepper, add a small spoon and Walla, super cute salt and pepper shakers.
BBQ Blog Hop 1
I hope that you liked todays project for the BBQ Grillin’ and Chillin’ Blog hop! But wait before you go I would like to thank our sponsors for this hop. We have 2 wonderful sponsors for this hop! Our first sponsor is SVG Attics. They will be sponsoring a $15.00 Gift Card for the SVG Attic store. Our second sponsor is ScrappyDew. They will be sponsoring a $20.00 Gift Card for the ScrappyDew store. Be sure to read the details on how to enter HERE.

Now time to flip your Steak and Hamburgers head on over to the ever so talented Audrey from Kricut Kreations she is sure to inspire you!

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