Pink Lemonade Bridal Shower

lemonade banner

“When life gives you lemons make lemonade” That is what I was always told.  But in this case I could not resist the bright Pink and Yellow color combo that a fun Lemonade Stand holds.  I found this awesome inspiration from my amazing talented friend Laura Kelly.  She has an amazing online store called Shop with Laura Kelly Designs where you can find different Craft kits, Party Printables, Printables, Educational/Teacher, Custom Doodles, Stationary and more! (This is no way shape or form a selling post, this is my own opinion I am just passing my love for her wonderful party printables on to all of you! Just in case you may need something awesome for your next party) I purchased her Lemonade Printables and my vision for this fun Bridal Shower continued to grow.


I wanted to share with you this fun party from all angles so hence the warning label above there are many photos in this post.  I know you will understand once you start scrolling down this awesome post.  So before we get started why don’t you grab a Diet Coke, Coffee or maybe tea and sit back relax and enjoy some fun Pink + Yellow= Happiness!

We first started off by setting up this cute arrow that my brother made and the cute sign that says  “Join us around back”.  This way people can just come into the backyard and no one has to sit by the door to let the guests in. I also used my super darling fabric banner that my sweet friend Laura made me!!!  Have I mentioned that I love it?

The post on how to make your own Lemonade Stand will be coming soon!! So be sure to stay tuned for that! Super fun DIY!!

Lemonade Stand 1
I decided to start by purchasing the Lemonade Stand Printable Collection from Laura Kelly Designs and go from there.  As you can see I have the pink and yellow banner on bottom that I did buy pre-made from Partyland.  I also purchased the circle banners up above from Partyland as well.
Lemonade Stand 4
I cut out the Lemonade pieces from the printable and mounted them on some cute pink and yellow doilies.  I cut out the lemons and adhered them to only the pink doilies.  I then took my stapler and stapled the lemonade letters to the fringe banner.
Lemonade Stand 5
Lets now take a look at the Yummy Table.  This is what I like to call the table of yummy goodness.  Here we have some pink and yellow suckers that we purchased at Kencraft a delicious Candy Factory located here in Utah.  It is such a fun factory not only can you purchase candy from them but you can also take a tour of the factor and watch the workers make the candy! It is awesome sauce!  Check it out here.
Lemonade Stand 6

Lemonade Stand 7

I have to brag just a little.  These cupcakes right here are lemon cake mix with strawberry frosting along with two lemon heads and a cut straw sticking out the top.  My 13-year-old daughter is my little baker, she made these cute little guys for this shower.  I was so proud of her.  Several people commented wondering where I purchased these adorable cupcakes.  She was on cloud 9 and she even got a couple cupcake orders from some of the guests.  Looks like she may have found her niche’
Lemonade Stand 8
What is a Lemonade Stand without Lemonade? Look at this cute “fresh squeezed” sign (another fun printable by Laura Kelly) I just took some Twine from Timeless Twine (Pink Lemonade) and tied the sign onto the jar.  I also used the same twine to tie around the different fruit jars.  I loved making your own lemonade by just putting in your strawberries, blueberries or even raspberries.  Hmmm… can not decide? Why not use all three!! Lemonade + Berries = Delicious
Lemonade Stand 9
We used some cute little sticker labels on the jars of the fruit along with wood forks to dish up the fruit to put into your cute mason jars of lemonade.
Lemonade Stand 10
I loved using these cute mason jars as our lemonade cups.  So fun with these cute pink and white decorative straws.  They were the perfect touch to our lemonade stand.
Lemonade Stand 12
Now we couldn’t just decorate the Lemonade stand and leave the rest of the party blah! So how about this cute idea of using your chipboard and some adhesive (I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue) and a little glitter to add some fun bling to your decor.  I used a hot glue gun and adhere the sticks to the chipboard pieces and stuck them in lemons to add a fun touch.  I purchased this cute little frame “You are my main squeeze” from Hobby Lobby.  We added a basket and the flowers are compliments from my mom. Wildflowers Weddings and Events you can check her out on FB here.
Lemonade Stand 13
Another cute little corner of decorating.  This time I found this awesome FREE printable from Pinterest  from the maker Just a Little Breezy .  I just printed it from home and put it in a frame isn’t is darling! The delicious looking Lemon Bars my sweet sister-in-law Myndie made and all I can tell you is YES, they were so yummy!!
Lemonade Stand 16

Again here are the beautiful centerpieces on the tables! I love the fun pinks and yellows in these flowers.  The Believe piece is a blog step by step coming soon!! Be sure to stay tuned for that!

As much as I would love to say YES it was all me that put their time and effort into making this party/shower a huge success.  That is far from the truth. I have to give a huge shout out to my Sister Ali, my Mom Kymm, my Sister in Law Myndie, My soon to be Sister in Law Caitlin and my darling daughter Autymm.  Thank you for all of your help bringing this shower together and making it a huge success!!!