Pocket Pages- It’s a LOVE/HATE Relationship

Pocket Pages CollageDo you LOVE or HATE pocket pages?  If you are like me you may have a Love/Hate relationship.  Why Love?  I absolutely love how they look when they are complete and ready to put into my album. Why Hate?  My mind goes googley when I have the pocket page protector in front of me.  You know what it is like when someone is saying squirrel and I keep looking. Or like I am a cat and someone is using a laser.  Maybe it is the steps that I am taking trying to reach the end result that drives me mad.  Maybe I pull out way to many options and I don’t allow my creative juices to flow because I am overwhelmed.  Whatever it is makes me have a Love/Hate relationship. May I ask, what are some of the steps you take to create your pocket pages? Is there a system that works for you?  I would love for you to share in the comments any input you may have to make me have a more Love/Love relationship with these cute little guys. Here is the pocket page that I created.  I pulled out some old photos of my daughter and her grandpa sitting in their boat just chillin’. When I looked at these pics I had to laugh, my sweet Januaree was so serious when “pretending to fish” and grandpa was so cute just watching her as she did her thing. It's a Wonderful Life Pocket Page 1
It was fun I must say, even though my mind was googley and this was a challenge for me as a Scrapbooker/crafter I love how all of the embellishments added so much to the overall look of this fun layout.

I also created this fun pocket letter for a Swap with SpiegelMom Scraps.  My Swap partner is Jane from New Zealand. (You can choose if you want to have an International Swap partner) This is a fun swap. Here are some of the details.

 Our August Theme  was watercolor!
We had t incorporate some form of watercolor into our Pocket Letter ~ Crayola, watercolor pencils, painting with any spray ink or other ink, etc! I used Heidi Swapp Spritz on all of mine to create a fun watercolor look.
We then hooked up with our new swap partner after everyone was assigned, we chatted, and got to know each other and had fun creating!!

To learn more about Pocket Letters and what they are all how, please check out this post! I think you’ll love it!


I know that SpiegelMom Scraps is planning on having another hop in October so be sure to follow her on FB if you would like to join in the fun.  HERE

Here is my fun Pocket Letter that is in route to New Zealand!!!
Pocket Letter 1 New Zealand