{Party Style} Book Review


There isn’t anything more magical than when your vision, your focus, your party comes to life!  If you have hosted a party and it was a success then you know what I am talking about! The Inspector Gadget arm that reaches around and pats you hard on the back! The High Fives that you are air throwing to yourself!

But more often then not, how many times have you tried to plan a party, whether it be Baby Showers, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, BUNCO, Girls Nights or ANYTHING else that screams PARTY and it becomes so stressful that you want to bang your head on the counter and cry?  Oh, come on raise your hand! Right now I am raising both hands! This has happened to me so many times.  All I have to say is “Gemma, where was this book 17 years ago when my daughter was a baby?”  I would have had bomb dot-com parties! My kids would have been thrilled with anything other than “Red Rover and Duck Duck Goose” Not that anything is wrong with either one, it is just when you rotate every other year it tends to get a bit boring! So my kids say. Ok, Ok that there might have been only a little truth to the above statement. It wasn’t every OTHER year it was every TWO years! {Giggle Giggle}


fRiqqYP3_400x400I received a promotional copy of Gemma Lynn Touchstone’s Party Style: Kids Parties From Baby to Sweet 16  to give my honest opinion and review what I see, read and let’s be honest-drool over all of the yummy goodness that I may or may not have endured while reviewing this book.

Lets talk Gemma for just a quick minute! I have to say that getting to know Gemma has been amazing! She truly has a passion and love for what she does and she wants to share everything with every single one of us.  She wants each and every one of us to succeed and believe that you, YES, YOU can host and have a fabulous gathering/party.  By having all of the tools that Gemma gives you in this amazing book with over 200 pages of inspiration, photos and more, you can and you will succeed.

The Book Kick off party for the PARTY STYLE book was in Orange County, CA at the CAKE Expo which was a HUGE Success! Congrats to Gemma and the Kick off Party! Get more info www.cake-expo.com Plus did you know that Gemma’s Next HOLIDAY HOSTESS is already in the works and will be out in time for the holiday season in 2016? Boomshakalaka!


What do you think of when you read this statement?  Do you feel like you are ready to take on the world, that you can do it?  I know that I did when I read this! Plus the yummy grapes may or may not have made me want to go to the store and TRY to make some delicious, yummy grape treats! Many of you are spitting out your drink right now laughing! If you know me you know that I am not a Baker, a Cook, or Treat Maker of any sorts but I do know who to call to whip me up a couple goodies or two!! {Snicker, Snicker}

“Do small things with great heart!”  In this book Gemma wants you to put your heart into everything you do. She wants you to take chances and go for the gold! In fact she even provides a Quiz so you can find your Party Style! What!! There are party styles? Who would have thunk?  However, I was loving this! I took the quiz once just to see, then I took it again to see if I would get the same results! Guess what? I did! I found out that I am a Party Style/DIY which is everything that I am! I do find myself searching for printables and other fun goodies to go with the theme of the party! “Hmmm…. What else can I use that will go with this party?” Gemma even offered over $2,500.00 in FREE Printables with Book Purchase! Get yours HERE



Is this picture not the cutest thing EVER?? This is just a sample of one of the many different parties and photos that are included in this book! This makes me want to pull my skates out of the garage and dust them off, put new pink laces in them and speed skate around my neighborhood! Ok, not really but seriously how fun does this party look just by seeing this picture? Still need some swaying? Check out a Sneak Peek HERE


What is a party without party favors? Hello! Check out these simple yet cute favors! I love that in the book Gemma recommends a Party Folder for each and every party that you are planning! I know with all of the technology that we have today many of us use our phones, but I am a doodle bop, call me old-fashioned but I love to write things down, highlight things I need to remember, clip out ideas etc. Gemma’s way of keeping it all together with a Party Folder you too can achieve that amazing party you have floating around in your head! Time to put it on paper and bust a move camper!


Another thing that I learned is to think outside of the box! It is ok to get creative, to be unique find the style you love and go for it!! If you are going to do it, go all the way! Make those memories, host those parties that kids, adults, family and friends will talk about for years to come! Take those special and unique photos to document the fun times you had while setting up, tearing down and most importantly in the moment!!! Make your own wonderful!!!

small card front

Who else is beyond excited that Gemma Touchstone will be teaching pin worthy parties at the Pinners Conference in Salt Lake City, UT Nov 6th & 7th?  Me, Me ME!! (Yes, I am jumping up and down) but wait…. there is still time to get your tickets! Plus you can save 10%  with ticket code partystyle  


I have to say that this is a must have Party Book! Don’t wait, don’t hesitate! You will be in AUH… from the second you open the book! For me the cover photo was all I needed and it was all up hill from there! Have fun with this book, read, learn and most of all PARTY!!! Thank you Gemma for the wonderful opportunity to receive the promotional copy of this amazing book! I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Holiday Hostess Book and to meet you in person at the Pinners Conference here in Utah! For more dates on her Tour around the USA Please visit the Blog www.GemmasPartyStyle.com 

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