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HANDMADE HOLIDAYS hop - HORIZONTALWelcome to the 5th Annual Handmade Holiday Blog Hop!!!  I am super excited to be a part of such an amazing hop.  There are over 80+ Gift Ideas here for you to enjoy.  Grab yourself a cup of coffee, hot coco or tea, kick your feet up and enjoy the next three days.  I hope that my project today will inspire you, that you will leave here and be ready to create!  However, before we get started I would like to thank our host Jennifer Priest.  She has put in many hours and a lot of hard work making this awesome Handmade Holidays Hop Happen (say that 5 times fast LOL).  I would also like to thank the sponsors of this hop.


I have created an Altered Bottle to give as a gift to my dear friend.  I am super excited to give this altered bottle to her.  This is the process that I took to create this bottle. Here is a * Sneak Peek* of the Shabby Chic Fancy bottle.

Fancy Bottle 2

Step 1: If you are creating this for someone you know, gather a few of their favorite things.  Base the altered bottle off of things that they love, but put your own crafty spin on it.

I started by collecting some Black and White Polka Dot Pattern Paper.  Americana Gloss Enamels- White Paint by: DecoArt, and Americana Acrylic Paint- Tangerine by: DecoArt, some Princess embellishments, and some ribbon.

Step 2: Gather your main supplies  Bottle to Alter, Hot Glue Gun, Foam Brushes, Paint Dish, Gold ink, Newspaper (or something to cover your surface for painting)

You are now ready to get started.

Step 3: Take your bottle out of packaging (if it is new) and wipe it all down so it is clean.  If your bottle is empty and you are just altering it you will want to wash it with soap and water and allow to dry. ( I used a new Crown Royal bottle to give as a gift to my friend. However, you can use any type of bottle you would like to)

Fancy Bottle Tutorial Pic 1

Step 4: Using your Gloss Enamels White paint by DecoArt, you are going to want to paint your bottle.  Allow your bottle to dry.

*Note you may want to use multiple coats of paint, allow time to dry between each coat.

Fancy Bottle Tutorial 2

Step 5: Using the Gloss Enamels White paint, and the Tangerine Americana Acrylic paint, I mixed the two colors to create this nice blush color.  Since I knew that my friend loved princesses and my favorite color is pink, I thought let’s make this pretty color.  It is almost peachy pink and princesses love pink too right? It is a win, win.

Fancy Bottle Tutorial 4

Step 6: After the blush color is dry, you are going to ever so lightly brush or sponge on your gold ink to give it a shabby chic aged look.  I then took a damp sponge brush and blended the gold ink (like a distress) over the bottle.

Step 7: Take Ribbon, Lace and your embellishments (Not shown, frame, flowers and beads.  The frame I bought at a local craft store and  I bought two headbands with the flowers and the beads and cut them to use as some of my embellishments).

Fancy Bottle Tutorial 3

Step 8: Time to assemble your bottle.  I cut a piece of black and white polka dot pattern paper (which is Laura’s favorite) and adhered it to my bottle using white glue.  I then cut an image of a vintage princess girl out and adhered her to the bottle.  Allow to dry

Step 9: Plug in your hot glue gun and glue the frame to the front of your bottle.  Take the headband with the beading, cut the beading off of the headband and hot glue the beading around the frame.  I love the pop of texture that the beads add to this bottle.  Taking the headband with the flowers and the brown leather brain, gold leaves and cut three flowers out also adhering with the hot glue gun. Using my glitter phrase “Fancy” I also used hot glue to adhere this to the bottle.

Step 10: Tie your lace and ribbon around the neck of the bottle.  This is where I tied in the hanging princess. She is the perfect touch for the perfect bottle.

Step 11: Using stickers I added a couple of phrases to the inside of the frame on the top of the photo. And your bottle is complete.

Fancy Bottle 1

Isn’t this a gorgeous gift?  I know that my sweet friend Laura is going to love, love this gift.  *Remember you can use a bottle that is filled with something (like I have done.  And they can save their bottle after) or you can use empty bottles you may have lying around the house. Perfume bottle make awesome altered projects, sometimes the bottles that you throw away in your fridge would be a great bottle to recycle and use.  DecoArt has so many different types of paint that you could paint any surface and you would be pleased as punch.  Be sure to visit there website HERE

Fancy Bottle 3


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Now wait the fun isn’t over! There are prizes to be won my friends!! Check it out!

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  1. Maria Calderone says:

    Awesome, love your altered bottle! 🙂