Barnes and Noble, isn’t your average Bookstore…

Barnes and Noble Collage of books

Barnes and Noble isn’t your average book store! They are a one stop shop of Books from all over the world! I don’t know about you, but I have an obsession with books.  Yes, I said Books! What kind of books you are asking?  My favorites include Paranormal Romance (I am a sucker for Vampire love novels LOL) Ghost, and Witch novels.  But I can’t walk out of Barnes and Noble without the latest issue of Where Women Create, and several Craft books!

I recently attended the Create Make Celebrate Retreat in Colorado at the amazing Laura Kelly Walters home.  This was a Celebration not only of friendship but a Celebration to honor her being in the latest issue of the Where Women Create Magazine.  I have to say if YOU have not ever owned a copy of this magazine this is a MUST HAVE!!!! Jo Packham is brilliant! She is very inspiring and such a wonderful lady.  I can’t believe that I had the privilege to meet her and spend time with her too. Also she packs so much into one issue, I can’t get enough!

This is half of our group headed to Barnes and Noble to Celebrate Laura Kelly being in Where Women Create.

Laura and Jo Collage

I guess that I am not the only one who loves the Craft and Hobby section at Barnes and Noble! The paparazzi caught all of my  friends Laura Kuhlmann, Christie Troxell, Adrianne Surian, Rina Gonzales and my bestie Midge Palmer checking out all of the crafty goodness! However, this gal found one book in particular that was written by one of the fabulous peeps that was at the retreat with me.

Barnes and Noble

Check out DIY T Shirt Crafts written by: Adrainne Surian. I was so excited!

Barnes and Noble with Adrianne Surian

I felt like I was amongst a group of celebrities! First Laura Kelly, and Jo Packham, then Adrianne Surian, and now Donna Braaten-Budzynski! WHAT?! So Awesome!

Donna at Barnes and Noble

Now let’s talk the Celebration for Laura Kelly shall we?  Barnes and Noble hosted an amazing event in honor of Laura Kelly!  When we walked in there were trays full of yummy desserts, and drinks were also provided.  Laura was able to sign the article for me! I was so excited, not only for her to sign her amazing article of her crafty space, but I was so honored to be there with her to Celebrate her success!

Laura Kelly Walters where women create

If you don’t know Laura Kelly, my hope is that you get a copy of this book and read her article.  Not only does she have an amazing Creative Space, but her story is so inspiring.  Reading about Laura and her creative journey is heartfelt, genuine and passionate! I love Laura, not only is she an amazing person, she is my friend. I am truly blessed to say I know her, I know her personally, she is a friend that I can count on, a friend that I trust and a blessing in my life.


Encouraging everyone to be creative and to make your own creative journey.  In her article is states ” I believe children should be encouraged, empowered, and supported to create.  Let them make messes, spill, and explore.  Be a part of what ignites their creative flame so it will burn bright throughout their lives.” This is so true. I look back to when I was young.  I painted rocks and sold them on the side of the road, I colored, used glue and created fun things.  I played with play doh and shrinky dinks.  The Lite Bright was my friend! Thank you mom for letting me get messy, play, and explore! (Even though it must have made you crazy because you are such a clean freak!) I take this message to heart, I want my kids to be unique and create. My youngest loves to bake! Yes, BAKE! Oh and what a mess that can make! But….. Who cares! She loves it, and I love to eat it so it is a Win Win! My oldest loves to draw.  She is always drawing on the back of envelopes, junk mail, and in her portfolio journal! I sat back and realized I am doing what Laura Kelly stated, and that makes my heart smile!

Where Women Create-Laura Kelly Walters Review

Laura Kelly’s studio is not one, not two, or even three rooms in her home.  It is everywhere! She seriously owns a Craft House! I want to live there when I grow up! LOL but in all seriousness, if you don’t believe me get this book. Head on over to your Barnes and Noble today! I promise you won’t be sorry!

One last thing before I let you go!  I hope that you leave this post today feeling inspired, read a book, visit the bookstore.  Let your inner creativity shine!




  1. What a inspiring story! Love Barnes & Noble! I love that they carry hardcover, paperback and magazines!

  2. I agree with Donna, such an inspiring story, and sounds like a fabulous book store. BL

  3. LOVE this so much. Thanks for being the best kind of supportive friend in the world! XOXOXO

  4. I am in love with this idea of celebration! Beautiful! Bloggie Love