Even Elves love Udderly Smooth Products


Disclosure:  This is part of a compensated campaign by Udderly Smooth.  All ideas, experiences and opinions are my own.

Many of you know that this time of year, elves from the North Pole fly all over the world to check on the girls and boys for Santa.  This year is no different for this girl.  PomPom Glitterbum, was sent from the North Pole to Madge’s Scrappin’ Lounge yesterday morning.  PomPom Glitterbum is very creative, has a sharp eye for art, and loves to decorate the grotto!  She wears simple pink and white because she is always making a mess in the craft room.  She loves creating fun projects using glitter and Pom Poms for the girls and boys.  Last night I pulled out my lotion and hand creams to make a super fun gift using the Udderly Smooth Products for you all to enjoy.  However, I didn’t get to put my gift bucket together.  I left it in my craft studio so I could take better photos in the morning.  But….. I am like a kid in the candy shop when it comes to my elf.  I always want to catch her in the act, I want to see exactly what she is doing when I close the craft room door for the night.  So I set up my camera hoping to get pics of what she would be up to.  This is what I woke up to this morning! Apparently, she found two mischievous friends last night.  Dot and Dale! They were sent to me in a package from Udderly Smooth.  And oh buddy look what fun they had!!!

I was rolling when I scrolled though my camera and saw what the three of them were up to!

Udderly Smooth Campain Collage Pic 4

It looks like Dale and Dot wanted PomPom Glitterbum to try Udderly Smooth.  Not only is it a great moisturizer for the hands, but check out PomPom Glitterbums cheeks! It appears that PomPom had a little frost bite on her cheeks and Dale and Dot wanted to give her a facial which fixed her right up!  WHAT?!, a pedicure too! Oh PomPom, Dot and Dale are giving you the Royal treatment here! It looks to me that the three of them love Udderly Smooth Products just as much as I do!

When I say I love Udderly Smooth Products I have to tell you why?!  I live in Utah, many of you already know that.  But what some of you may not know is that Utah is dry.  Very Dry.  My skin can easily turn to alligator skin if I do not use the proper moisturizer.  Not only do I use this lotion as hand cream, but I use it on my yucky feet! Yes, I said it FEET! It is perfect for cracks, dry sore feet, and hands.  I especially love it when I am out in the sun and get a little pink, Udderly Smooth has a hand cream that contains Aloe Vera and it feels like heaven when I rub it on my skin. There are not only large bottles but different containers of all sizes. One for every bathroom in the house. Your purse, the car, the drawer in the kitchen, the office, the CRAFT ROOM do I need to go on?  As you can see I love this amazing product.  This opinion is my own, I truly love this product and the difference it has made on my feet is magical.  Oh geeze how I easily get distracted…. SQUIRREL!!!! Back to the three amigos.

It looks as though Dot and Dale have convinced PomPom to love Udderly Smooth Products as much as I do.  They took this gift basket thing serious, it looks as though they wanted to help me out by making one of their own.  It really is comical, I am so glad I set up this camera! You will be too when you see these next photos.

Udderly Smooth Campain Collage 1-a

PomPom was reading the instructions and learning about Udderly Smooth Products, when she looked over and saw Dot stuck in the bucket and Dale trying to pull her out! EEK!

Udderly Smooth Campain Collage 2

Dale and PomPom, pulled and pulled finally getting Dot to safety.  Next they have tipped the bucket up, and started filling the bucket with fun shredded paper.  Looks like they make quite a team! PomPom Glitterbum is holding the bucket up while Dot stands on Dales shoulders to get the first lotion into the bucket.

Udderly Smooth Campain Collage 3

Whoopsie!!!! Looks like Dot has fallen into the bucket! (That would have been the end for me I would have laughed until I cried.  However, it looks as though they pulled it off! ) Not only did they put the gift bucket together and add a cute pair of Christmas Socks, they posed for the camera! They wanted me to find them like this! Showing off their love for Udderly Smooth Products just like I wanted to do for you all today!  I think that they did a much better job, don’t you?  I have to say thank you to PomPom Glitterbum, Dot and Dale for helping me show off this product AND for putting together such a wonderful gift bucket! Looks like it is all ready to go! Share the gift of Udderly Smooth this holiday season! You won’t be sorry! Who knows, maybe PomPom Glitterbum will take some back to the North Pole.  Facials for everyone!


Are you ready to go get yourself some Udderly Smooth?? I get mine from the Dollar Tree, yes they are the mini bottles but they make the best gifts for neighbors, teachers, co-workers, and friends.  You can also pick up Udderly Smooth products at Wal-Mart, and Walgreens to name a few.  For information on where to buy Udderly Smooth, check out their website at: www.uddercream.com and visit them on FB ! They are always having fun giveaways and product ideas!!! Be sure to enter the Raffelcopter for a fabulous prize pack!!!

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  1. Those elves! The Udderly Smooth hand cream worked really well for me when I was in Colorado. This Florida girl’s skin was not ready for that dry air.

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