Midge & Madge Mingle


midge and madge mingle

As you know I am Madge, this is my bestie Midge and together we are Midge & Madge! We love to go on crazy adventures! It all started years ago when we were in grade school! The two of us have been friends since we were like five years old! Yes, seriously.  We started off taking gymnastics together. When we were younger we did what we were told and went right into the gym and started stretching.  As the years passed we realized that if we brought money we could go to the famous Yogurt Parlor that was right next door to our gym.  We were good little girls at first going AFTER gymnastics was over to get our ice cream.  However, we decided to live on the wild side and “pretend” to go into gym when we were dropped off.  We waited until our parents drove out of the parking lot and headed right into the Yogurt Parlor. Sometimes it was the full time of gym, and sometimes we just went in late. {Giggle Giggle} that is really when Midge and Madge Adventures started! It only got worse when we were in high school! We pulled the “Mom, I am sleeping at Mindi’s tonight.” and “Mom, I am sleeping at Mandee’s tonight.” (we thought we were so sneaky) We then proceeded to think we were cool cats and did what teenagers did “drag main” you know what I am talking about right? Driving up and down mainstreet, windows down jamming to Salt N Peppa! (Oh those were the days) Yes, this was fine and dandy until we drove until the car was on “E” and had to have the windows down once again but this time it was to keep our eyes open because it was 5:00 am and we had nowhere to go! Needless to say we snuck back into Mindi’s house and crashed! It then moved into our twenties when we went on endless Scrapbook Retreats wearing matching shirts and we were always the life of the party, example: sliding down the stairs at 3:30 am on a yoga mat because we can, and laughing until our cheeks hurt! Now things get serious! We went to Ireland for 10 days and oh was that an adventure in itself! We were the only young ones on the bus (which ended up being in our favor) we had plenty of bodyguards and eyes watching out for us in this foreign country! Going to Colorado on a Ghost Hunt staying at the famous Stanley Hotel, Las Vegas to see Carrot Top and the Human Body Display, More Scrapbook Retreats, CHA in Chicago, California, Las Vegas and our last adventure was in New Orleans! That is a story in itself! I am working on doing posts about each one of these adventures, until then you can check out #midgeandmadgeadventures to see our pics! For more info be sure to check out our website midgeandmadgemingle.com